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Monster Mod Wasteland Edition
This mod is an addition to the original Monster Mod by dogtown1 and Ironman5000. It is to be run alongside them, and includes various bug fixes, balancing, and additional content. This should address most problems that people have had with the original Monster Mod, especially in the way of enemy strength and level balancing.

Orginal creatures made by Dogtown1, "Q," and many resource creators. "CIB" skeletons made by CIB (included in momod's BSA, that's why I had to repackage skeletons), and "Alpha" skeletons made by me. Mounted head creatures made by kewin.
Version: 4 (Squashed some bugs)

What's new:
-Bosses: Loads of bosses, most of which will either have a reward or a note containing special info.
-Enemy Names Upgrades: A few hostiles had some pretty bland names like "Gutsy Bot" or "Rat Mole." This fixes that.
-Faction Creatures and pets: Some creatures have been captured and tamed by factions! I hear that the Legion has some pretty mean monsters.
-Giant Giant Enemies: "Giant" class MoMod enemies would be stronger but not bigger. Now they are.
-Babies, Children, and Young: Now there are young versions of some MoMod creatures... some of which are even more crazed then their elders.
-Spawn System: Not all spawn lists have enemies from their corresponding creature list. This is so regular MoMod creatures will still show up often.
-IWS Compatible: The creatures in here are added to the MoMod spawn lists, thus it is IWS compatible.
Leveled Lists-both regular enemies and bosses are now leveled.
Unique Features-Some creatures have unique features, putting them apart from the "normal" model or texture, such as flesh wounds, scars, or differently colored eyes.

Just extract the ESP into your Data folder. Overwrite any files when instructed.

Fallout: New Vegas
MoMod version 10b

New Enemies:
Various new enemies appear with this mod. Some are mixtures of existing enemies, while others are previously unused resources in the mod. I have worked carefully to maximize variety of the creatures that you'll see.

*3 new Decay variants: Head Hatchet variants and Blind
*2 new Flame Gecko variants: Scavenger, Young
*1 new All Seeing Glowing One variant: Freakish
*5 new Wanamingo variants: Putrid, Young, Blind, Runner and Lost Spirit
*3 new Failed FEV subject variants: Color variants, Irradiated
*2 new Mutant Gecko variants - one shooting GUNS!: Experimental Warrior Gecko, Little Mutant Gecko
*2 new Mutant Beast variants: Color variant and Lost spirit
*4 new Cave Mutant variants: Dwarf and multiple Armored
*14 new Assassin Droid Variants - including faction variants!: Model Variants, Nightkin Variant, Stryker Variants.
... and more.

Name Changes:
Mutated Scorpian- Mutated Scorpion
Rat Mole- Mutated Mole Rat (For less blandness)
Gutsy Bot- Delta Series 4-3A Gutsy (For less blandness)
Spike - Black Wanamingo (For reasons that multiple hostiles should not have the exact same name)
MoMod Deathclaws just called "Deathclaw"- Changed to Deadclaw and Deathclaw Corpse Breaker (For less blandness)
Evolved ghoul- Ghoulish Centaur (To stay lore friendly)
Super mutant type gecko was just called gecko- now it's Mutant Gecko (For more explanation)
Rad Horror (mole rat version)- Rad Horror Runt (More Explanation)
Chimera (Mole rat faction)- Chimera Runt (More Explanation)
Claw Beast (SM Faction)- Super Mutant Claw Beast (More Explanation)
Mutant Mole- Scrapper (Variety)
Hover Bot- Heavy Eyebot (Better sounding, less awkwardness)
Eyebot (Momod)- Light Eyebot (Diversity)
Tarantula-Tyrantula (Wasters make up their own name for creatures, right? Deathclaws aren't called chameleons are they)
Centaur (momod)- Centaur (Psycho) (More explanation)
Deathclaw Gecko (Just called "Gecko)- Ripper Gecko (Variety)
Vicious Dog (the one with two heads)-Twinheads (Variety)
Robobrain (MoMod) - Robobrain AER-12+ A (Variety)
Werewolf - Wereclaw (Fits more)
Giant Zombie - Infected Behemoth (SICKNESS)
Hell Beast (Dog) - Spined Hellhound (Variety)
Centaur Zombie - Infected Centaur (More dynamic and dramatic)
Thing - Ravaged Infected Centaur (Better sounding)
Scorp Beetle - Dismembered Scorpion (Variety and explanation)
Mole Warrior - Spliced Mole Warrior (Explanation)
Centaur (Two Arms) - Armed Centaur (Explanation)
Centaur (Longer) - Centaur Glider (Variety)
Rex - Ramclaw (Multiple enemies should not have the same name - a boss named Rex has been made)
Golden Gecko (Thin) - Starving Golden Gecko
Freakish Ghoul - Mudwader Ghoul (Making room for another name)
Feral Ghoul - Freakish Ghoul (Explanation)
The Doctor - Doctor Ghoul ("The" is used to explain specific pronouns, not regular ones)
Giant Ghoul (SM Faction) - Skinned Mutant
Irradiated Mutant - Super Mutant Behemoth
Spike Meat - Black Wanamingo Meat
12Ga Handgun - Deserter Sawed-Off

Bug Fixes:
*Changed the names of Vultures that were called Ravens.
*Lets Ravens spawn again.
*Fixed the name of special Super Mutant's custom Nail board, the Mutie Board. (which used to be called "mutie borde")
*The Rail Gun is now sorted as an Energy Weapon. It is now repaired by Laser RCWs and will use EC packs. The same applies for the Pulse Rifle.
*The XT carbine now uses 5mm rounds.
*Spiders, courtesy of of the Spider Softener (and reduced health), now die more easily. They also have the Kamikaze trait.
*The perk Purifier is fixed to affect MoMod creatures
*Nerfed Sand Lizards
*You no longer gain Karma for killing Mutated Scorpions
*Toxic Abominations no longer spawn with Deathclaws

Enemy Tweaks:
Black Widows are far more lethal. They can now also respawn.
Wanamingos always fight now! Their attack range is also shortened.
Deathstalkers are now part of the Nightstalker faction, as well as the Deathclaw's.
Viciously nerfed Sand Lizards, which are no longer Super-Ass God Lizards.
The following creatures have their attack distance reduced: Wanamingos, Toxic Abominations, Stalkers, Sand Lizards, Spiders
As a bug fix and a reference to Fallout 2, Warrior Geckos now, instead of Rage Axes, use Unarmed Weapons. They also have -125 Health.
Multi-Headed Creatures have more Perception.
"Zombified" (Infected) creatures have audio templates that make them sound like zombies.
Burning Ones may not do as much impact damage, but they set you on fire to the touch.
Rad Mantises sound like aliens upon expiry. Wonder why?
Rad Horrors are deformed, can't move their head, and don't have ears. They do have reduced Perception.
Reduced damage of Mutant Mole Rats and increased their health.
Viciously nerfed Stalkers and Giant Stalkers.

Ingestible Tweaks:
Wild Boar Meat reduces Agility by one for two minutes.
Ghoul Flesh takes away health as opposed to restoring it.
Claw Beast Flesh reduces Agility by two for one minute.

Items and Drops:
Spiders drop-
100% chance: Their respective poison glands

Acidic Larvae drop-
100% chance: Larvae Organ

Decay drop-
100% chance: Throwing Hatchet

Mosquitoes drop-
Based upon level.
Level 1: Cave Mutant Blood appears
Level 2: Nightstalker Blood appears
Level 3: Centaur Blood Appears

Hellhounds drop-
Random: Mutilated Body Parts

Cave Mutants drop-
Random: Cave Mutant Blood

Khazra drop-
Random: Khazra Organs. They're addictive, so be careful.

Spider's Glare - 12 damage for 12 seconds.
Requirements: Black Widow Poison Gland, Tyrantula Poison Gland, and 20 Survival.

Black Widow Poison - 30 health damage for 5 seconds. Fatal if used correctly.
Requirements: Two Black Widow Poison Glands, Tweezers and 50 Survival.

Wasteland Special - Reduced Radiation Resistance, Endurance, and slight Helth Damage over time.
Requirements: Cave Mutant Blood (2), Bark Scorpion Poison Gland

Radioactive Posion - 5 health damage for 3 seconds. Reduced Endurance by 2 for 30 seconds.
Requirements: Cave Mutant Blood, 4 Ghoul Flesh

Pestilent Poison - 5 health damage for 10 seconds, reduced Strength by 3 for 60 seconds

You can now create some Monster Mod robot weapons!

Spiked Plasma Defender - Gross amounts of damage.
Requirements: Khazra Organs, Plasma Defender, and 70 Science.

Vanilla Edits:
Glowing Ones have a new skeleton.
Alien Captain now uses the correct model.
The Searchlight Radscorpion Queen now uses the new Queen model.