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This is a complete compilation of ALL released Ojo Bueno Textures, REDUCED IN SIZE and OPTIMIZED for performance, playable with most computers, and all in ONE PACK!

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The Poco Bueno Texture Pack V5

An Ojo Bueno High Quality Texture Workshop Compilation

Poco Bueno vs. Vanilla

ALL Ojo Bueno Textures reduced in size and optimized for performance,
playable with most computers, and all in ONE pack! Over 575 texture files included!


This is a compilation of ALL currently released Ojo Bueno textures, resized and optimized to work well with most computers -- uber-rig no longer required! Furthermore, this mod collects all of the textures into ONE easy-to-use FOMOD for easy, hassle-free installation! I will be updating this pack periodically as the body of work continues to grow. Comments and requests are always welcome :)

If you enjoy the textures please Endorse this mod, helps other folks to find them!

Watch a quick 'video review' of the Poco Bueno texture pack and a few other mods here:


In the interest of performance and compatibility, no textures in the Poco Bueno pack are larger than 2048x2048, and most are 1024x1024 or lower, and have reduced-size normal and specular maps. For more details and background, please see the Ojo Bueno High Quality Texture Workshop page here:


There you will also find tons more images, higher-resolution versions of all textures contained in the Poco Bueno Texture Pack, as well as all the latest news on new and upcoming textures. Special thanks to MARCURIOS who has contributed a number of textures to the pack, as well as a heap of advise and guidance. Cheers!

Contains all Ojo Bueno textures released on or before: July 17, 2011


1) Fallout Mod Manager FOMOD Install - Recommended

- Install the FOMOD using FOMM's Package Manager interface. Or....


- Double click the FOMOD file (first make sure FOMM is not running). This will launch FOMM and install the texture pack.

- NOTE: FOMM may or may not crash after the mod installs; this is an inherent bug with FOMM (I think) and actually does no harm. After a crash occurs, the FOMOD will still be installed.
- IMPORTANT: Remember to then ACTIVATE the FOMOD in the FOMM package manager. And voila, done!
- To uninstall, just deactivate the mod with FOMM.

If you DON'T use Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM)... then what are you doing?!! Haha. Seriously though, just change the 'FOMOD' file extension to 'ZIP', extract the ZIP wherever you like, and then copy the 'data' folder from extracted folder into your 'Fallout New Vegas' game folder, and overwrite any files if prompted. To uninstall, simply delete/remove the same files.

Be SURE to activate ARCHIVE INVALIDATION or the textures will not appear in your game. I recommend changing this setting in the 'Tools' menu of Fallout Mod Manager, or using the Archive Invalidation Invalidated mod, easy as pie!
NOTE: Sometimes, in FOMM, you may have to toggle Archive Invalidation a couple times, restart FOMM etc... I've heard it can be a bit buggy, and doesn't always 'stick'

Archive Invalidation Invalidated Mod:

4) MEMORY USAGE:These textures are slightly larger than the 'vanilla' textures that ship with Fallout New Vegas, and should run fine on most 'medoicre-or-better' computers without much fuss. However, for the very best results, I recommend using the NVSE 8b 4GB Loader ( if you have a 64-Bit OS and more than 2GB of RAM.

5) LOAD TIMES: The Poco Bueno textures are a bit larger than the default 'vanilla' textures from Fallout New Vegas, so you may notice slightly longer loading times when moving between cells, interors and exteriors etc.

6) WITH REGARD TO YOUR INI FILES: If you have edited the 'cell buffer' values in your Fallout New Vegas .ini files, I recommend resetting them to their DEFAULT VALUES, as shown here:

uInterior Cell Buffer=3
uExterior Cell Buffer=36

This is because the larger textures cause cell sizes to be larger, and as such, trying to hold more cells in your memory will allow less memory to be used for other activities. You may experiment with higher values if you prefer, these are just baseline values for best results. 


- Will conflict with any other mods/textures that try to re-texture the same items.


c Ojo D


An amazing retex compilation. Looks amazing...and no frame- rate hit. This pack is a must-have mod! Thanks
- CHB000

Brilliant! Finally a good texture set that doesn't eat up resources. I like my games to run silky-smooth, and even though I can technically run many of the higher-rez packs with acceptable performance, I still get those brief "loading" glitches. This works perfect.
- Mr_SpongeWorthy

Excellent mod. Nearly no fps drop at my older computer.
- ranafuineluva

This mod adds an excellent layer of detail and character to the New Vegas world. This is an Essential Cornerstone!
- RazorSpurs

Just awesome. I reckon I've downloaded every texture replacement for clutter and vehicles for Fallout3 and New Vegas, and you have reached the Holy Grail: Best Looking Toolbox Ever! The car textures are a triumph too. It's great you offer the textures in higher qualities, but the real tribute is they look excellent at Poco resolution as well.
Many thanks for this!
- lordquilton

Simply amazing work, even at reduced sizes the retextures are stunning, with hardly any performance impact on my rather mediocre rig. A recommendation for everyone with eyes ;)
- Kraschyn



- V4 is almost 25% larger than V3 -- lots of new stuff! Including:
- Lots of exceptional and long awaited terrain textures!
- Ham Radio
- Metal Barrels
- Tin cans
- Human Skeleton
- Dinky the Dino Toy
- Goodsprings Watertank
- Goodsprings Home 1


- NEW Goodsprings Schoolhouse (Includes all exterior features and interior floors)
- NEW House doors in Goodsprings
- NEW Poseidon Gas Stations and Signs all over the place!
- NEW Misc. architectural details throughout the Mojave
- Wood Barrels
- Toy Rockets
- Scrap Metal
- Wood Barrels
- Desk Fans
- Fire Hydrants
- Garden Gnome!


- Parallax bricks for Prospector Saloon
- Seam fix for Prospector Saloon bricks
- Now includes the Mucho Bueno Vegetation pack, missing from V1! Grass, yucca , joshua trees etc...
- New Car01 and Car02 vehicle textures (Both are in the Aerospace Park if you wanna check them out)
- Fixed color issue with rocks
- MANY new terrain textures courtesy of MARCURIOS!
- New brick textures in Freeside area courtesy of MARCURIOS!
- New misc. LOD textures courtesy of MARCURIOS!
- New Vault Desk texture with ENV mapping