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Type 3 versions of the Honest Heart outfits. Requires Honest Hearts.

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Required: Type 3 compatible female body, Honest Hearts DLC

Includes all the female tribal outfits, and Type 3 adapted versions of Daniel's and Graham's armors. The female tribal base body is also converted to Type 3.

This is replacer, so no special esp file or activation is needed. To install, uncompress and drop the Data folder in to your default Fall New Vegas directory. To uninstall, delete:


Includes a set of skin textures for the Sorrows, Dead Horse and Whitelegs females that uses the type 3 normal map. This should eliminate the weird white streaks on the skin when using this mod. The textures aren't very good, anyone that can produce a better set, please do, I'd like to use them, too.

****Optional hand textures deleted 08/2011, caused compatibility problem with other races*****
Roquentin has done an improved version of the HH tribal hands. Get it here:

For those who would like to play the unique armors (like Joshua Graham's or Walking Cloud's) during the DLC, llloyd has made an enabler mod. You get it at:


Dimon99 for the Type 3 body
Backsteppo for the narrowed shoulder mesh
Bethesda and Obsidian for the game.

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