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A working book example and a template with tutorial for you to easily create your own stand-alone readable books.

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Game: Fallout: New Vegas
Category: Articles
Mod Title: NVRB New Vegas Readable Books
(Source: http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41863)
Authors: Majinshinsa & Drakeelvin
Version: (Beta)
Date: 24-May-2011


NVRB New Vegas Readable Books contains a working book example and a template with tutorial for you to easily create your own stand-alone readable books.

"NVRB New Vegas Readable Books.esp" is the template you can use to create your own readable books using the INSTRUCTIONS below.

"NVRB In 21 Minutes.esp" is a working example of a stand-alone plugin with a readable book. If you install this plugin you will find the book on the coffee table in Doc Mitchell's house, in the room he interviews you at Character Creation.

Your books will be stand-alone and not depend on our plugin.

You do not need further permission to use our template, just credit us for it.


1. Write and edit your book in a word processor and format it into pages of 1000 characters or less, including spaces. Later, you will cut and paste each page you formatted into a completed NVGECK message, this greatly simplifies your editing. Also set a book Title and Author, use your own name or make one up.

2. Make your own copy of our template (NVRB New Vegas Readable Books.esp) and give it your own project name. Load your copy into NVGECK.

3. Filter objects by prefix "NVRB" and select "All" objects. Rename all NVRB objects to your own naming convention to avoid mod conflicts. Simply replacing the prefix is the easiest solution. After renaming all objects, edit the script and rename the object ID's within the script. (You must edit the script last, after the objects have actually been changed.)

4. Put your book Title and Author into the Title Page message, and copy your page contents to the page messages. (Cut and paste from your word processor.) In the message body you will see we use tilde on all blank lines. They help keep formatting consistent making the final result look better. Every time "Check Spelling" pops up, just cancel it.

5. Place your book(s) into a cell and load New Vegas to test. You can use NVRBBookItem or start with a different book from Items - Misc Item - Clutter - books. (We recommend you avoid Items - Book.) Whatever generic book item you use, just add our object script, that's all there is to it.

6. Check that you have not left any NVRB objects in your plugin. They all need to be renamed or else they will conflict with other mods.

7. Our template has a Title Page plus 7 pages. Short books are easier but longer books require adding pages. To add a page, change an existing page message ID and save it as a New Form, then insert entries to the script and renumber as required. NOTE: Message and script code for the last page is different than the rest.


Our script is based on the Hidden Valley Ranger journal. We reversed the order of message buttons to easily read long books from start to finish using the Down Arrow and ENTER keys. Try using just the down arrow and ENTER key to continue reading and you'll see what we mean.


-- None.


-- Unpack files to FONV Data folder
-- FONV Launcher -> Data Files -> Check NVRB* plugins


-- FONV Launcher -> Data Files -> Uncheck NVRB* plugins
-- Delete NVRB* files from FONV Data folder


-- None



-- Updated location, instructions and images for working example.


-- Better object names and script layout to ease learning.
-- Instructions explain 1k message text limit.


-- Initial version


Majinshinsa & Drakeelvin