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The G.E.C.K. PowerUp for Fallout: New Vegas
Version 0.1.6

Written by Fedor Uvarov
aka PurplePigeon on the Nexus sites (www.newvegasnexus.com)
aka Mumbojumbo on the official Bethesda forums (forums.bethsoft.com), but not on the Nexus

Patched for compatibility with G.E.C.K 1.4 by H. LE PORS
Support for this version will be available at http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41642
Conversion of v1.3 beta to nvse plugin by ianpatt.

Please check the PowerUp's web page (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41642)
for updates. Also read the "Known Issues" section of this Readme.

The PowerUp requires no special installation. Just copy geckpu-nv-14.dll and geckpu-nv-14.exe to your
Fallout: New Vegas directory (where geck.exe is).

To uninstall just remove these files. This version of PowerUp does not store any settings anywhere.

To run the GECK with PowerUp, launch geckpu-nv-14.exe. It will automatically do the rest.

To run GECK with PowerUp and NVSE, copy the Data folder to your Fallout: New Vegas directory (where geck.exe is),
then load the Geck through nvse as usual: nvse-loader.exe -editor.

To uninstall the plugin, delete nvse_plugin_geckpu-nv-14.dll from ...\data\nvse\plugins

Of course, the sources directory is not necessary for normal use.

The remaining is from the original README from Geck PU v1.3 beta, slightly changed

Thank you for downloading The G.E.C.K. PowerUp for New Vegas. It is a set of unofficial patches
for the GECK, the official Fallout: New Vegas data editor.

It patches the GECK in memory, so no files are altered on your disk. The ESP files are also not
modified in any way, the PowerUp only improves the GECK, it does not introduce any additions
that are not supported by the game engine itself.

Supported GECK version: (i.e. initial release). You should also have the latest
New Vegas version, although it's not critical.

You can load PowerUp along with New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE). I've tested
NVSE 1.0 beta 1 and 1.0 beta 4, but other versions will probably work too.

The source code (compilable with Flat Assembler) is in the "sources" directory of the distribution.

The PowerUp requires no special installation. Just copy geckpu-nv.dll and geckpu-nv.exe to your
Fallout: New Vegas directory (where geck.exe is).

To uninstall just remove these files. This version of PowerUp does not store any settings anywhere.

To run the GECK with PowerUp, launch geckpu-nv.exe. It will automatically do the rest.

To run GECK with PowerUp and NVSE, launch geckpu-nv-nvse.exe. It will load NVSE by itself,
NVSE loader will not be used.

Some paranoid antivirus software can detect geckpu.exe as a "Process Patcher", "Injector" or
"Invader". Yes, it does patch/"invade"/inject code into geck.exe, so please allow this activity.

On the other hand, it is possible that PowerUp gets infected with malware on your PC or somewhere
along the way, so if your antivirus says there is a known virus in it, you may want to perform
additional checks.

The GECK PowerUp does these improvements to the GECK:

* Displays warnings produced by script compiler. Your scripts will no longer silently fail to compile.

* Many other warnings were restored: in cell loader, in NavMesh checker, and so on, more than in
1000 places. [since 0.1.2]

* Adds a special Marker hack which makes RoomMarkers and PortalMarkers visible in the render
window [since 0.1.3]. Keep the following issues in mind.
* Marker hack has to be activated in the "View" menu. It may be activated and deactivated
at any time, but if you activate it after loading a cell, refresh the Render window (by pressing F5)
for it to take effect.

* Unfortunately, you will not be able to hide RoomMarkers and PortalMarkers as you normally should
be. If they impede your work, you will have to delete them or move them away and then remove these
modifications using, for example, FNVEdit.

* To enter Portal mode you will need to deactivate the hack after loading a cell. Markers will not disappear
when you do so.

* It is currently unknown whether or not this hack has any side effects.

* Allows you to save scripts without compilation. It is only possible from the Script Editor window
as of yet. To do this, click "Save w/o compiling and close" in the "Script" menu. But please keep
the following issues in mind:
* "ScriptName" is also a directive and it will not be processed without compilation. Therefore
to assign an EditorID to your script, you'll need to save it normally at least once, even
if with the ScriptName and nothing else. A valid FormID is assigned to the script
in any case.

* When you save w/o compiling, the GECK will not delete or modify the compiled version. It won't
even check if it exists. What's more, there is currently no way to recompile all scripts in
active file, only in opened all files. For this reason, remember which scripts are saved without
compilation and save them normally before loading the mod into the game.

* Allows you to disable and enable spell checker at runtime. This can be done in the Edit menu of the
main window.

* Fixes the bug which causes the GECK to crash when you double-click on empty space in Form List editor.

* Makes the "Edit" button in the Form List editor actually work.

* All MessageBox'es will now be in English, regardless of your system's language. This also means that
"Cancel" will be replaced by "Yes to all" where intended by GECK developers.

* Entering non-ANSI characters into Script Editor may result in strange behaviour (nothing interesting, it will
just silently fail to compile or something). This is probably a bug in GECK.

* If GECK displays garbled or empty warnings, it's probably a bug, report it.

* If you come across a warning that contains a strange combination of characters like %08X, it's a bug,
either in GECK or in PowerUp. Report it.

* There is no difference between warnings and simple informational message. So if you come across a message
that shouldn't, in your opinion, be a warning, report it.

NOTE: whenever you report an issue with a message box, include its Origin (if it's displayed in the message box)
in your report.

The official web page of the GECK PowerUp for New Vegas is: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41642

You can post bug reports, feature requests and contact me on any matter by the following means:
* The comments section on the official page on FO3Nexus (registration on Nexus sites will be required).
* By a personal message (to user PurplePigeon) on Nexus.
* By e-mail: amaranth.fallout gmail (dot) com.
* By a personal message on Bethesda forums (to user Mumbojumbo).

Before reporting bugs and feature requests please read the next section.

There is also an edition of PowerUp for Fallout 3, available here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15067

NOTE: this release does not include todo.txt.

* Make sure you are using the latest GECK PowerUp version.
* Make sure you are using the compatible GECK version and the compatible NVSE version (if you use NVSE).
* Also make sure you are using the latest Fallout: New Vegas version, some errors may be fixed in patches.
If you for any reason can't update to the latest version, you may still post your report
or request, but if it is found out that your bug can be fixed by updating Fallout, it is quite
possible that I won't fix it in PowerUp.
* Please read "todo.txt". Maybe the issue you are going to report is already known.
* Finally, please read the comments on the official page (at least several newest pages). Maybe
your issue has already been reported.

Bug in PowerUp is any GECK or NVSE malfunctioning which happens only when PowerUp is loaded.
Include the following information in your message:
* Does this bug happen regularly or not regularly?

* What steps must be taken to reproduce the bug (unless it's obvious)?

* What version of Windows are you using? Is it 32 bit or 64 bit? What is the Service Pack number, if any?
If you use non-Windows OS with a Windows compatibility layer, it is quite possible that the bug will
not be fixed unless it also occurs on Windows.

* What versions of Fallout: New Vegas, GECK, NVSE and other related software are you using?

* If you are reporting a crash, include (if possible) the "Problem details" that Windows
gives you when a program crashes.

* If there are files called "EditorWarnings.txt" and/or "EditorStackTrace.txt" in your Fallout: New Vegas directory,
please include their contents in your report. If they are too long, upload them to a file sharing service, text storage
like pastebin.org or another web server and provide a link.

* Of course, you should also provide any information that, in your opinion, is important.

Of course, if the issue you are reporting is just a typo or something like this, then most likely
this information will not be required and you don't have to provide it.

After reporting please try and stay in contact, in case more information is needed to fix the bug.

Fixes for bugs in the GECK itself are considered enhancements/features in PowerUp. However,
the information required is the same as for bugs in PowerUp.

If you'd like to post a request for enhancement of GECK's functionality (aside from bug fixes),
please make sure that:
* The feature is not already present in the TODO list.

* The feature you want is really not available in the vanilla GECK. I have myself been surprised
many times that some features I've always wanted are actually available in GECK, just hidden very well.

* That the feature you are going to request does not require modifications to the game engine or the
plugin format. If it does, then it is beyond the intended scope of PowerUp. However, if it is really
useful, maybe it will be done at some time, possibly with a NVSE plugin or in some other way.

(Special conditions for RC)

Well, there can hardly be any valid license for a set of hacks for a proprietary program. :)
However, since most website owners respect the "modders' rights", so are limitations on usage.

* However, you can use PowerUp's code in your own works and create a modified version of PowerUp
provided that:
* You give me, PowerUp's author, proper credit, provide a link to PowerUp's website, but make sure
that it's completely clear that your work is not the original PowerUp and that
your users should ask you, not me, about any bug fixes or improvements.
* If your work is edited in one form and used in another (i.e. it has source code, which is then
compiled to binary files), every user who receives the binaries must be able to receive the
sources. You must either distribute them along with the binaries or (if you distribute via
the Internet) provide a link where sources can be downloaded. However, it is not required that
you allow users to distribute modified or unmodified versions of your program: you can impose
any limitations or even prohibit redistribution completely.
(but maybe it would be better to wait until the final version is released).

As long as these conditions are complied with, you have an irrevocable permission to use PowerUp's code.
If you are not sure or need a special permission, please don't hesitate to contact me.

From May 1, 2011 onward, the redistribution limitations will be automatically lifted without any special notice.
Everyone will be allowed to redistribute GECK PowerUp's without any modifications on the following conditions.
Bundling PowerUp with something else is not considered a modification if other components
of such collection do not depend on PowerUp (apart from simply launching or installing it).
Simply changing NEED_NVSE constant in launcher's source from 0 to 1 is not considered a modification, but keep
in mind that there are special conditions about self-compiled executables.
* You must give me, its author, proper credit and provide a link to the official PowerUp web page.
* This Readme must be distributed with the PowerUp and be intact.
* If the source is intact, but you compile the binaries yourself, you must make it clear that your
binaries are recompiled and not the official ones. This is to avoid confusion if your compiler
does something differently than mine (of course, no need to consider binaries modified if they are
the same as official byte to byte).
* If you distribute the PowerUp via the Internet, try to keep the version up-to-date.

RATIONALE: to facilitate testing and feedback, distribution of the beta version should be limited to the official website.
Once testing is finished and this beta becomes a legend of past ages, redistribution will be allowed again in case someone
wants to archive all versions of PowerUp or something. And you are allowed to create your own versions of PowerUp and reuse
its code because then it's up to you to check and support this code.