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Illyisms ported by Devinpatterson

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Malcolm a molerat mount

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Malcolm the molerat

Illyism's Rideable Creatures for New Vegas (original file at http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3330). Ported by devinpatterson.

Rideable Creatures for NV requires NVSE (New Vegas Script Extender) located at http://nvse.silverlock.org/ This mod was saved with ver v1.0 b7 of NVSE.

I was very disappointed when I found out New Vegas would not have horses and when I saw rideable creatures for fallout 3 I thought it was a great mod. I spoke with Illyism and he generously gave me permission to port it to New Vegas. Illyism's mod contained a;
* Brahmin
* Yao Guai
* Ant Soldier
* Centaur
* Ant Queen
* Deathclaw

Previously I was having trouble getting the mounts to work when there was more than one, so I decided to release the mounts separately. I believe I have now solved the issue of having more than one mount, but haven't implemented it fully in this release. Currently you may use Betsy the brahmin & Malcolm together but telling one to stay will make them both stay and vice versa (both follow). I'll fix this in an update.

This mod includes Malcolm the molerat. This mod uses Tumbajumba's NIF resource for a (pack)molerat and is a very well done model (you should give him kudos or endorse his model at http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7201). Malcolm is significantly larger and faster than most moelrates (130% size, 150% speed) and levels a little with the player (from level 4 to 7).

Also please keep in mind it takes about 5 minutes of in game riding time to achieve full speed (you start at 50% speed).

In the future a rideable creatures Yao Guai mod will be released. I will also include the orginal rideable creatures ported to NV in the optional files section. I'm also toying with the idea of a larger faster rideable creatures brahmin (Black Bart, there is a picture of him here; http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/images/40027-2-1296533171.jpg) and possibly other molerat variants (like a albino molerat similiar to Brain from FO2) or additional behaviors to make the mount more interesting. Essentially this will depend on feedback and what people want.

File changes;
V02 by request removed nothing package to allow default sandbox behavior
V03 Increased malcolms scale 1.8 and raised player mountpoint. Changed a declared variable to prevent conflict with other ride-able mounts using Illyism's script.

This mod is an early beta. Some points to keep in mind;
It is buggy, esp if you have an older ver of NVSE.
There is no 3rd person support (1st person only).
Mouse support is very poor (including the xbox controller if you don't use xpad), but steering you mount via keyboard works reasonably well.
Shooting while mounted works well, but a scoped weapon will not show the Telescopic reticle. Iron sights work well.

You have overheard talk at the entrance of westside, that a caravan had been hit not an hour ago. They were northwest of westside, near Griffin Wares sacked caravan and Horowitz farmstead when they were attacked.

A note on the forthcoming Yao Guai mod. The Yao Guai is a very powerful mount, fast and able to climb very steep inclines. There will probably be a more extensive adventure to acquire and to use the mesh/texture and sounds you will have to own fallout 3 and extract some files from your copies BSA's. There will probably be the typical Yao Guai (based on the brown bear) as well as options for a Kodiak & polar bear version.

In regards to the other mounts (centaur, ant soldier and queen, deathclaw) I don't have any immediate plans to add them as I don't believe they fit well with the Mojave lore, but if there is requests to do so I will.