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Wiccan0Witch's First Mod

Falloutcraft - Minecraft in Fallout


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Well it first started out as an idea, I was introduced to Minecraft and was intrigued by the online videos. So I went ahead and tried Classic out and fell in love with it. I purchased the game and continue to play it daily. By that time I was already way into Fallout and I figured... What if I put my favourite games together to create some sort of hybrid? Well after a lot of help from friends and my boyfriend I became quite a budding modder. I started out making different blocks of Minecraft and it just went on from there.
The idea of this really is to build your creations in the Fallout world.

More features will be added as this is more of a test phase to show my work so far.

So far there is:
- 45 Minecraft Blocks (Dirt,Cobblestone,Chest's etc)
- Working Crafting Bench (Craft yourself new tools/weapons!)
- Working Furnace (Smelt your own blocks and items!)
- Working Chests (Store all your gear in multiple, placeable chests!)
- Placeable Blocks (Whatever you harvest you can place again)
Note: You must be looking straight forward as seen in V3 video to place blocks
- Working Creeper Script for Npc's/Creatures
- Explodable TNT!
- Dozens of Crafting Recipes!
- Minecraft Radio! (Listen to C418's music in fallout!)
Note: This is not music from Minecraft OST Album
- Custom textures (Obviously!)
- New Items (Sticks, Diamonds, Clay, Bricks, Gold + Iron Bars and more)

Much more is being added.
Feedback is always encouraged!

Location: Gibson Scrapyard. Take a stroll there :)


Update: V3 is now out
The changes are as follows:
- Two new worldspaces for you to explore, just like the realm of Minecraft (One for everyone, the other is for modders and powerful computers(seriously)
- More harvestable blocks connected to all of the relative tools.
- Added a way to bring the harvested blocks back to the real world! (Simply drop the block while looking straight forward)
- Modified scripts for maximum efficiency
- More crafting recipes in both the Crafting bench and the Furnace
- A new Inventory Crafting area placeholder (Doesn't currently work)
- Proper shovel, pickaxe and axe models.
- Partially fixed the Radio, now plays one song. So it's best to just ignore it really
- Pipboy icons for all active blocks!
- New items! (Coal, diamonds, bars, sticks, tools etc)
- More cells to explore. Welcome to the Hub!
- Enhanced scripts to extend the crafting bench
Bug Fixes
- Fixed TNT Mine model to display proper textures now
- Added all the craftable items to the Crafting Bench
- All buttons work in the Crafting bench

Check out the V3 Video here:

Update: V2 is now out.
The changes are as follows:
- Destroyable and Harvestable Blocks have been introduced
- Certain Wood and Dirt blocks can be destroyed by the Iron Axe. (This was for testing purposes)
- Retuned the Iron Axe model, it's more responsive now than it used to be.
- Broke Radio (Sorry, I'll fix this)
- Made a Static block for the block "vendors" but still need to do the blocks that need alpha transparency (I'll do this asap)
- Made a 3D Havok enabled Block for blocks such as sapling, mushroom and flower. Vendor needs to be introduced.

Check out the V2 video here:

Known Bugs:
- 2nd Crafting recipe seems to be bugged for whatever reason(Working on it)
- Blocks are havok enabled that shouldn't be(I need help with this one)
- CraftingBench sometimes decides to not work(Looking into problem, reloading quicksaves seems to trigger it)
- Texture issue on Iron Sword (Looking into)

- FalloutcraftNVV3.rar (Without Radio)
Extract to Fallout 3/Data folder and be sure to activate it using the launcher (Or FOMM)

- FalloutcraftwithRadio.zip (With Radio, This adds the minecraft music to enhance experience)
Extract to Fallout 3/Data folder and be sure to click yes when replacing previous files.

Optional Mods
- Feng Shui - This mod will surely enhance your Falloutcraft experience and enable you to make amazing structures ingame.

- Drop One Item From Inventory At A Time - Pretty much a necessity!

Bethesda - For Fallout 3
Interplay - For Fallout Universe
Wiccan0Witch - Project founder, all props go to her. <3 x
Moraelin - For his amazing sword and pickaxe resources that he made for this mod. Seriously, Thanks!
Papadopoulos - For his perfect shovel resource.
LordInquisitor - Gold bar resource that was used
Neunen - For the beautiful axe model and texture
Kibblesticks - For the diamond gem model and Alphabet letters resource!
Alex378, Rausheim, Tunaisafish and Knight1481 - For all their help while scripting, no seriously. Find these guys and give them kudos!
C418 - For his beautiful music and putting it all up royalty free for all to use.
Mengy007 - For his amazing Hi Res Minecraft Pack
KDStudios - For Taking over the Project and producing V2 and V3 of Falloutcraft

New Disclaimer (By KDS):
Disregard previous disclaimer as this is a new one.
Most of you know I am a huge fan of Modders resources and how information and data should remain open and royalty free for all.
So please read this carefully.
You are free to do whatever you like with this mod. Break it, change it, modify it, turn it into Call of Duty. I don't care.
All I ask is that you do NOT upload it anywhere without explicit permission from me.
This is due to the fact that I am using parts in this mod that belong to other people, people who I have received permission from to use.
If you wish to use a part of this mod that belongs to someone else, please contact them for permission (Unless it is a modders resource then check their credits and permissions tab before contacting them)
Minecraft is Property of Mojang, if you enjoy this mod. Please support the developer by buying the game at
I seek not to infringe any of their rights of their property nor do I wish to make money from this. This is for pure entertainment and hopefully increase popularity in both modding and minecraft.