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Playing With Firepower adds a bunch of different weapons, ammo and perks with exotic or unusual scripted effects, recipes to craft some and shops to buy others in.

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Playing With Firepower adds a bunch of different weapons, ammo and perks with exotic or unusual scripted effects. All the weapons and ammo are craftable. There's no particular theme, it's just stuff I had fun making and you might enjoy playing about with.

1. New Energy Weapons & Ammo
  • Reflective Laser Ammo: SEC & MEC rounds that reflect a variety of times.
  • Overclocked Laser Pistol & Pinball Plasma Pistol: Weapons that fire repeatedly reflective shots.
  • New Flamer & Incinerator Ammo
  • - - - High Temperature: Higher direct damage, reduced burn damage.
  • - - - High Pressure: Longer range and faster projectile speed.
  • - - - Sticky Flame: Lower direct damage, more burn damage. Sticky Incinerator hits linger for 3 seconds, setting anyone near the hit location alight.
  • - - - Refridgerator Coolant: Temporarily reduces speed, freezing foes it slows down enough.
  • - - - Toxic Goo: Deals heavy limb damage.
  • Tesla Charge Cannon: Fires single large blasts (like pre-patch Tesla Cannon). Holding aim charges the clip up to 2x, when full +50% damage and +50% blast radius.
  • Tesla Charge Minigun: Holding aim doubles ammo consumption, adds +50% damage.
  • New Tesla Ammo
  • - - - Alternating Current: Adds fluctuating weakness to Tesla damage (between 0-50%).
  • - - - Feedback: Adds weakness to Tesla, Energy damage = the target's DT.
  • - - - Quench: Adds weakness to Tesla damage which increases from 0-100% over 4 seconds, then suddenly drops off.
  • - - - Static: No immediate effect, but if two targets hit with Static rounds move too close together an explosion occurs.
  • New Gauss Ammo
  • - - - Impulse: Massive knockback.
  • - - - Fracture: Temporarily zeroes the target's DT.
  • - - - Puncture: Insta-cripples the body part hit.
  • Holorifle Beam Ammo (Dead Money only): Insta-hit hologram beam rounds.

2. New Missile Launcher Weapons and Ammo.
  • Rocket Harpoon:[/b] No explosion, but much more accurate + huge direct damage.
  • Bottle Rocket: Comparatively small and weak explosion, but light and easy to make.
  • Cola Rocket: Deals little damage, but has huge guaranteed knockback.
  • Napalm Rocket: Sets an area on fire for 4 seconds.
  • Repconn Rocket: Looks shiny and insta-cripples torsos.
  • New Smart Missile Launcher & Smart Ammo: These rounds can be made to fly at specific targets or detonate on command using the Aim key.
  • - - - Homing Missile: Locks onto enemies.
  • - - - Guided Missile: Flies towards wherever the player aims.
  • - - - Cluster Missile: Explodes midair, showering bomblets.
  • - - - Airburst Missile, Airburst Missile HE: Explode midair.
  • The SML will fire normal, HE and HS missiles too, with no special effects.

3. New Remote Explosives & Detonators
  • New Detonators:
  • - - - Single detonator: Detonates a single remote explosive you are looking at.
  • - - - Type detonator: Detonates all remote explosives of one type, e.g. Frag Mines.
  • - - - Chain detonator: Allows you to string together automatic chains of type detonations, 5 seconds apart.
  • New Remote Explosives/Traps: Frag mines, plasma mines, pulse mines, bottlecap mines, powder charges and mininukes can all be converted to remote detonation, and there's new ones.
  • - - - Fission Batteries
  • - - - Flamer Tanks
  • - - - Flashbang: Cripples perception & knockdowns.
  • - - - Glue Bomb: Sticks people in place.
  • - - - Gore Bomb: Nauseates/terrifies people.
  • - - - Vortex Mine:Sucks people towards it.

4. New Thrown 'Explosives'
  • Smoke Grenades: Create a smoke cloud that hangs around for 30 seconds. Any NPC firing through it suffers large penalties to their accuracy and damage. You're penalised by not being able to see through the pitch-black smoke.
  • Dinky the Dynasaur: Acts like a homing frag mine. Throw him, and he'll charge after anyone near where he lands and explode. Anyone. Even you. Watch out.

5. New Armour
  • Tesla Metal Armour: This set, made by DaiShiHUN, makes you practically immune to Tesla damage.

6. Fancy Perks
  • Burst of Enthusiasm:
  • Adds an inventory item you can use to toggle on/off Burst Fire mode on semi-auto, non-bolt-action Guns with a moderate rate of fire (e.g. Service Rifle, Marksman Carbine). Burst Fire halves the ROF, but makes each shot fire 3 bullets.

  • Forearmed:
  • Forewarned is forearmed. Allows you to tag NPCs with binoculars, giving you bonuses to attack them, and the ability to see them through walls. Plus, if you've made friends with the Boomers, this perk lets you use binoculars to call in an artillery strike once per day.

7. New Shops
  • Phil's Electrical Goods: Located just opposite The King's School For Impersonation, Phil sells Tesla weapons and ammo. He also has a mini-quest to undertake to improve his business and get you a copy of Tesla Metal Armour.
  • The Professor's Office: Located nearby, next to the Wrangler crier, the Professor offers all the other new content as well as tuition that temporarily buffs your Science and Repair for crafting purposes.

Plus, the download includes a short and simple guide for how to make moderately fancy scripted weapons.

Playing With Firepower is now FOMOD-ready thanks to nyrb.
PwF contains compatibility patches for:
  • Dead Money
  • Honest Hearts
  • Old World Blues
  • AG Supplimentary Uniques
  • EVE
  • Project Nevada
  • WMEVE*
  • WME AG Supplimentary Uniques*
  • WME Honest Hearts*
  • WME Ironsights*
  • WME Ironsights Honest Hearts*
  • WMX
  • WMX-Project Nevada

Patches with a * by nyrb.

Don't rehost without permission.