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A well armed and extremely dangerous team of ghoulified Chinese Shock Troopers is hunting you through the wastes

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############## - Chinese Shock Troopers - ###############

A well armed and extremely dangerous team of ghoulified Chinese Shock Troopers is hunting you through the wastes

What you get:
You get attacked by four heavily armed and armoured chinese ghouls
you get four suits of the armour pictured, available in both male and female variants.
you get a unique variant on the Chinese Officer's Sword
you get two different helmet types (not restricted by sex, I just put one on each character)


This is my longest running project so far, it started with a similarly titled mod for Fallout 3 nearly two years ago. since that humble beginning I've learnt a great deal, to that end, an update to the mod.
this new version includes updated textures and an altered mesh.
to be totally honest, I'm not 100% happy with some aspects of it, but we'll see how it pans out. maybe the helpful advice of fellow nexus-goers can iron out the problems I've been having with this.

The armour and unique sword can be found carried by a team of four chinese ghouls.
these ghouls will hunt you all across the wasteland until they catch up with you and attack.
the team consists of a leader (carrying the sword), a heavy weapons specialist, and two regular shock-troopers.
between them they pack enough firepower to flatten most resistance they encounter, so once you start this mod going, make damn sure you have enough heavy weapons to take thenm on.
during my testing, they showed up on the strip, fully armed, and extremely dangerous. they then killed -everyone- outside the casinos there. so watch yourself. another playtest later, they appeared when I left the strip. they devastated the unupgraded securitrons they met there.
I set the mod up so that they would only start tracking you after you finish the quest "They went that-a-way"
that way I could be assured that players would be powerful enough to stand a chance in hell of killing them :P
the armour is easily a match for power armour, when wearing it, you shrug off laser rifles and assault rifle fire with only a tiny bit of damage. call it an armour for people who feel power armour isn't tough enough for the combat they get into..:P

the backstory? this armour is the pinnacle of chinese material science. it was delivered via submarine several years back to a special forces team based out of DC and they've been using it ever since to damage post-war rebuilding efforts in the US.
the creators are the chinese equivelant of The Institute (Fallouts equivelant of MIT, for those who didn't get the reference) and they still hold on to the agenda of world domination they held when they were formed 200 years ago.

1. CopyPaste the contents of the rar directory into your fallout new vegas main directory, overwriting any folders that need it.
2. Open the mod manager of your choice and tick the box for CSTArmor.esp
3. Start the game
4. Complete They Went That-a-way
5. start packing the heaviest firepower and armour you have and don't go anywhere near the strip until they catch up with you xD

I take no responsibility if you disregard step 5 of the above instructions in any way.
its your own damn fault if mission critical NPCs (or your followers) get slain brutally by grenade-machinegun fire.

Known Bugs:
the spine on the male version of the armour still isn't quite moving satisfactorally, if/when I fix that, I'll release an update for you guys.
Sometimes the Shock troopers run away and never come back when their leader is killed. this is due to their following package not knowing where to go and what to do when she dies. just attack them and keep attacking them until they turn around and resume combat, or until they die.

Potential Bugs:
for convienience, I shifted some of the texture files around before uploading, I then went through the geck to change the paths, there's a good possibility I may have missed something, but probably not. if so, let me know.

Patch 01 :
Fixed texture paths for the Composite Sword. it should be fine now.

Myself: obviously
LORD DARIUS13: for showing me how to bind meshes to the skeletons. I owe ya' buddy.
Bethesda: for being so prompt about releasing the latest updates to the geck
Chuck Norris: for inspiring me to make such insanely deadly fighters.