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Added: 26/04/2011 - 10:06PM
Updated: 05/06/2011 - 08:23PM

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Last updated at 20:23, 5 Jun 2011 Uploaded at 22:06, 26 Apr 2011

In the Dead Money DLC, there's a bug that remains unfixed that can potentially break your save, causing your health to drain as time goes on. This is NOT related to being on hardcore mode, this is a bug that is caused by the trigger for the gas clouds to break, making your health decrease all the time even after you exit a cloud. Furthermore, it seems as though every time thereafter you enter a cloud, the damage keeps stacking on. Eventually it gets to the point where you need to use stimpacks every few seconds just to stay alive.

Unfortunately, that may sound familiar. Worry not, this mod will solve the issue and recover your character.

----------HOW IT WORKS----------

This will run a script that resets the quests that cause you to take damage over time in the cloud and checks if you're in a cloud. You'll get a message confirming if the script ran successfully.

----------BEFORE USING, PLEASE READ----------

Make sure Dead Money.ESM is being loaded right after FalloutNV.ESM. The mod index for Dead Money must be 01. If you're not sure what this means, you probably don't have to worry about it.

This .ESP runs a script similar to pre-order DLC packs. It'll run once as soon as you load up your file. You should get a confirmation message that the toxic cloud scripts were reset. This will only happen the first time you run your game with this mod. Either way, feel free to turn it off after you save with your character's health stable.

Keep in mind that if, for some reason, your health starts draining again, you must disable the .ESP, load your file, save again with the mod deactivated, and then re-enable the mod and load your save. In other words, perform a clean save with the mod off and turn it back on.


Drop the .esp in your data folder in your New Vegas directory. Activate it using either the default launcher, Fallout Mod Manager, or the Nexus Mod Manager. Load order of the mod itself doesn't really matter as long as it's after Dead Money, which nothing besides FalloutNV.ESM should be before it anyway.

No conflicts since it merely runs a script once.


Credits to rangermanlv for finding the quests that need to be reset.
Credits to Bethesda for the GECK and sadly giving me a reason to create this.


Distribute the mod to people by linking them to this page. Please do not upload this mod anywhere else.