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DOWNLOAD ME!! NEW VERSION 1.1 Paradise Lost is an adventure mod that brings new locations, new NPCs, 13 new quests, and a few new weapons to the Mojave wastelands.

Permissions and credits


Corrupted archive issue IS SOLVED
Voice File Paths are now fixed


Major Fixes/additions
-Fixed CTD issue and Freeze ups
-Removed Identical to Master Records with FNVEdit
-Fixed NavMesh in Paradise Lost and Swanky Joes
-Fixed all spelling errors in dialogue
-Increased volume on all NPC dialogue
-Fixed Alien AI(they will all attack you on sight)
-Added idle animations to NPCs
-Fixed Quests so you can refuse them, and still go back to them to accept them later
-Fixed "Kill Bill" quest(you wont see Bill unless you trigger the quest)
-Fixed Alien Power cell ammo(it now works as ammo should)
-Fixed issue with companions spawning under boat in Paradise Lost
-Updated all texture maps(maps are now in proper DXT5 format which has decreased the file size by 3 times.(Which should increase game performance)
-Updated all normal maps(custom textures will not reflect light like they used to)
-Added 11 new NPCs(ALL FULLY VOICED)
-Added 50+ new lines of dialogue

Minor fixes/Changes/Additions
-Fixed baby carriage in Stardust Theatre(rad pack is no more!)
-Fixed floor in Paradise Lost house(you can't see through it now)
-Fixed ALL dialogue so NPCs can only give you an item such as a key only once
-Fixed Explosive crates in Theatre Sewers(You don't have to steal the contents)
-Added quick exit in sewers after seeing the Phantom in the main quest
-Removed odd rock formation in forgotten vault
-Added more rock formations and foliage in Paradise Lost Quarry
-Added atmosphere music to cells
-Added a hideout for "Bill" in Nipton
-Added a lock and key to some doors(You can't access quest areas unless you have the key you recieve pertaining to that quest)
-Added better lighting inside the Ranger Station tower
-Added a robot voice for "Robbie"(he sounds like a robot now)
-Fixed a non functioning door on the alien space station(it works the way it should now)
-Changed "Bills" AI so he is not in a frenzied state
-Plugin is now available in one download

This Paradise Lost Mod shares absolutly no references to the Paradise Lost epic poem written by the 17th-century English poet John Milton.

Visit my new website dedicated to the New Vegas Modding Community(currently under construction)
Clintmich Mod Island

[size=10]What is Paradise Lost?[/size]

Paradise Lost is an adventure mod that brings new locations, new NPCs, 13 new quests, and a few new weapons to the Mojave wastelands.

The Main Story

Swanky Joe, the owner of the one and only strip club and theatre in Freeside has a problem. He and his girls are being driven crazy from the endless piano playing originating from the stardust theatre. The Theatre is always empty, so Joe seems a bit puzzled.
Go through a series of quests to help out Joe and his girls.Your travels will lead you in many directions over the Mojave,To a New Land called Paradise Lost, and also to an Alien space station.

Engage in Epic battles with difficult foes, relentless creatures,and Aliens.Beautiful new areas to explore await your every turn. Stock up on stimpaks,guns and ammo!(cause you're gonna need em!)

Side Quests

There are several side quests included in this plugin as well. Some of the side quests branch off into seperate storylines of their own. Some of which have absolutly nothing to do with the main questline, but are still super fun to do.Most side quests take place up in the mountains at a new location(the RangerStation Tower)near Jacobstown.

Voice Acting

200+ lines of new dialogue.All of which is COMPLETELY VOICED.

The Quests(And where to trigger them)

(Main) Infernal Racket - Swanky Joes Strip Club(Talk to Joe)
(Sub) Lost Sheet Music - Stardust Theatre Sewers(Talk to the Phantom)
(Sub) Helga's Safe - Paradise Lost House(Talk to Helga)
(Sub) I Want My Guns Back - Paradise Lost Leroy's shack(Talk to Leroy)

(Side) Addiction Fix - Top of Rangerstation Tower(talk to Sketcy Stan)
(Side) Lost Friend - Swanky Joes Strip Club(talk to Kitty)
(Side) Kill the Nightkin - Ranger Station tower(talk to Vincent)
(Side) Kill Bill - Swanky Joes Strip Club(talk to Jazz)
(Side) Old Lady Blues - Ranger Station(Talk to Bobs wife)
(Side) Where'd my Hat Go? - Ranger Station (talk to Bob)
(Side) Robbie's Resistors - Ranger Station tower(talk to Robbie)
(Side) Uranium-e-ated - Paradise Lost shack (talk to Sal)
(Side) Vault Tragedy - Paradise Lost House (talk to Samus)


This plugin uses meshes and textures from the Fallout 3 DLC Mothership Zeta. Unfortunately including these files in this download would be considered Illegal content. So I must stress-THERE IS NO MOTHERSHIP ZETA CONTENT INCLUDED IN THIS PLUGIN.

For this plugin to work properly, you must own the Fallout 3 DLC Mothship ZETA and install it into your New Vegas game.

Follow these click-by-click steps.

1. Start FO3 Archive Utility. Find it here on Nexus FO3 Archive Utility

2. Click File on the menu bar. Then Click Open Archive

3. Locate the "Zeta-Main" BSA archive in your fallout 3 Data files.Then Double click on it.

4. You should now see a group of folders in the window. Click Action on the menu bar. Then click Extract all Files.

5. A new window now pops up to set the destination of your extracted files. Set the destination to your desktop.Then click Select

6. Once the files have been successfully extracted close the FO3 Archive Utility

7. Cut and Paste the extracted files from your desktop to your Fallout New vegas\Data directory.

8. Zeta files install complete

(NOTE)70% of the quests WILL work without the Mothership Zeta files. Only the main quest and it's sub quests rely on the DLC content.

Bugs/Known Issues

None Known after 1.1 update

Quote "I have given this file my endorsement.

hello there,

the mod works very well with my game, i found no bugs at all. thank you for making this wonderfull mod. hope to see more of your nice work.

many greetings"


If you do happen to find any new glitches or bugs PLEASE PM ME! I don't want the comments section filled with messages like "I really like your mod, but I found a floating plant in Paradise lost"

All bug reports you send me will be looked into. And I will make the fixes available in a future update.


1. Follow the steps in the Requirements section before you do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Place all folders and files included in the download into your Fallout New Vegas Data directory. These folders and files are textures,meshes,sounds,and Paradise Lost.esp

3. Check off the Paradise lost.esp in FOMM, or check it off in the data section in the menu when you first start your game.

4. Install complete. Enjoy!

Tools Used

FO3 Archive Utility
Cool Edit Pro 2.1


Bethesda - For a great game

Gamers - For downloading my mods and keeping me motivated to make more

My Girlfriend - For puting up with my constant modding, and the great voice acting she did for this mod

clintmich - Creator/Writer/Author/Voice acting

Created April 2011
Updated October 2011
version 1.1


Message for blingblabo on YouTube: Believe me now??????????LOL