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This mod adds effects to Beer, Vodka, Whiskey, Wine, and Scotch so that as you drink more, you start seeing double. Now with real world drinks! These new items are found in
any leveled list or general list that includes any alcohol.

Place Drinking.esp in your /Data folder, place the /Textures folder in your /Data folder and place the /Meshes folder in your /Data folder.

Delete Drinking.esp in your /Data folder
Delete Real World Drinks from your Meshes and Texture folders

Version 4
A quick fix where drinking effects wouldn't wear off. Also gave the tokens produced a name so they don't error in the pipboy

Version 3
Now includes Real World Drinks and a vast improvement to the scripts. Now if you drink any combo of drinks you see the effects!

Version 2
Includes Irradiated drinks.
If you have Whiskey Rose, you are such a lush that beer goggles no longer effect you. Thus you dont see double when you drink.

Version 1
Initial release. Doesn't effect Irradiated drinks or Absinthe yet.

None that I know of, but any mod that changes the Result box of Beer, Vodka, Whiskey, Wine, and Scotch might cause a conflict. If so, try placing at the bottom of your load


b3w4r3 on the Bethsoft Boards for helping me work this thing out.

Floatsup for the idea and having me make this for his mod:
A Liquor and Generator Plant

Modder Resource Real Drinks by djabend