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This mod adds a new shop to New Vegas that sells exotic tactical clothing, headgear, and equipment.

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This mod adds a new shop to New Vegas that sells exotic tactical clothing, headgear, and equipment. Their inventory includes Dragonskin sets, Backpacks, Berets, Boonie Hats, etc... These items are available in Desert Tigerstripe, MTP, MARPAT, ADUC, and Talon SF camouflage. There are also a few other rare and unique items camo items, and some solid color berets and boonie hats too. You can mix-and-match these with your favorite New Vegas gear, or outfit your entire Mercenary Army in matching uniforms!

The shop is located directly east of the Freeside East gate.

sajuuknightfall has added a mod called Expanded NCR tactical armor that uses this file as a base.
Check it out at.: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41969

Please check out the enclosed "readme" files for more details on this mod.

Be sure you have read the Notes and known issues sections BEFORE posting any issues with this mod!

I hope to keep upgrading and adding items to the shop, if I can find the time...


I would like to thank the following people for their great models (parts of which are used in this mod)

Antistar (for his excellent Dragonskin Tactical Outfits mod)

Andragorn (for his Beret and Badge models).

SEDPL (for his wearable Backpack mod).

ohnomelon & bunsaki (for their wearable CIRAS vest model).

thatguy10 (Combat Cap model from TGs Armor Collection mod).

jumbajamba (Integrated Ballistic Helmet model)

tumbajamba and Kaya47 (for the Scarf models from Pimp my scarf)

JackoO (Boonie Hat and Tactical Helmet models from his Military Equipment mod)

BeZen & Martius (for their mods to the Roving Trader outfit.)

Feel free to post your pics in the "user uploaded images" section.

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