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Makes the companion experience more like Fallout 2

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This mod lets your companions use stimpaks, superstims, doctor bags and hydra while giving you a large variety of options to customize their behavior.

The core behavior of CCC is that companion limbs can and will take damage and ultimately become crippled like any other character. Through the inventory item ":: Companion Tweaker ::", you can control: when your companions should use Stimpaks and SuperStims, if / when they run away from combat, if they should be essential, and if you want them to be so passive that they never fight back.

There is an optional Fallout 2 style HP system for your companions. In the regular game, when the player levels so do companions and they gain hitpoints. If you play with any mods that increase NPC health, it usually increases your companion health making them unfairly strong. If you enable Fallout 2 Style HP, there are 6 preset "levels" of HP that companions will have solely depending on the player's level and nothing else. All other companion stats will continue to autolevel like normal.

Ultimately, this mod lets you much greater control over how your companions behave. You can nerf companion strength so they're no longer the killing machines that shipped with FNV, make them mindless packmules, or essential characters that you don't have to think about. The point is to have choice, and make the companions more reactive. I hope you enjoy it.

Upon loading CCC, the item ":: Companion Tweaker ::" is added to the player's inventory. By activating this item, you can control all aspects of companion behavior. New is the ability for companions to use antivenom, stimpaks, superstims, doctor's bags, and hydra directly from their inventory. Antivenom will only be used by a poisoned companion after they have finished combat, to prevent chain drinking of antivenom while fighting creatures that use poison. Whenever a companion uses a drug / item out of their inventory, a message will appear on the HUD for a few seconds.

When a companion's limb is crippled, they will decided to use a Doctors Bag / Hydra / Stimpak based on several factors. If all 3 items are in their inventory their order of preference goes like this:

Hardcore game
-Doctors Bag > Hydra

Non-Hardcore game
-Doctors Bag > Stimpak > Hydra

Super Stimpaks will never be used by the companion to just heal broken limbs, but if used to heal in a non-HC game will repair limbs like normal.

New is v1.2 is a hotkey (P by default) to switch true passive off / on. It is enabled by default

[size="4"]Configuring The Mod[/size]
Use the ":: Companion Tweaker ::" in your inventor armor section to control all aspects of companion behavior.

If automatic healing after combat is disabled, and your companions are essential and knocked out, they will no longer get back up with 100% health.

An optional file for download is provided, CCC - Robots.esp that restrict ED-E and Rex from using stims and Doctor Bags. Instead, the player must craft robot-specific stimpacks (Robot Spare Parts, Small), super stimpaks (Robot Spare Parts, Large) and doctors bags (Robot Repair Kit).
For those that find companions too overpowered, even with the options included, there is a file marked "weaker weapons" that you can load in addition to the main .esp that will reducer the power of Boone's rifle, Arcade's Plasma Defender, Lily's assault carbine and ED-E's default red laser.

I've included an override file for CCC that is compatible with the Save Cass mod. Load it after CCC and SaveCass.esp. The "recommended" mods listed below do not conflict, and include all the extras most people want like storing faction clothing, sandbox "wait" mode, and a lot more. All 7 companions main scripts are modified by CCC, so any mod that overrides them will be not be compatible. No NPCs are directly edited, so mods that edit the characters themselves, like the face replacing mods, should be compatible.

[size="4"]Known Issues[/size]
If you use essential companions in hardcore games and disable companion autohealing, I have made a workaround for knocked-out companions to be revived with just 1 HP. Unfortunately, essential companions set to true passive will be healed each time the "stopcombat" section of the passive code executes. A fix for this issue is being worked on.

[size="4"]Recommended Mods[/size]
Companion Module Pack
Endurance and Health Overhaul Mod
Companion Cure
Enemy AI revamp and other excellent XFO modules
Modified Combat Values

[size="3"]Change Log[/size]
1.0. First Release
1.1. Updated Release, fixed bugs with Passive mode and companion fleeing.
1.11. Uncommented a piece of code to deal essential Boone being knocked out.
1.12. Clarified menu options.
1.13a. Added healing messages, tweaked superstim use to be quicker and fixed FormIDs for Save Cass version.
1.20. Added a hotkey (configurable, P key) to switch passive on/off. Moved save cass component to override ESP.
1.21. Passive no longer affects companions that aren't recruited.