Slave Jail House by Mr Spillz
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This is a Small Jail/apartment I made for myself in GoodSprings, Basically it is an underground jail holding cell for all the slaves/companions junk I felt the need to be locked up and kept in a secure location while I explore.

Nothing too fancy just a small apartment, plus 4 jail cells connected with one big inner cell. A latch door in the back of the abandoned house on the right of Docs to enter and a latter latch door to exit.

Someone wanted to know more about it so here goes.

You enter the latch and you end up in the main "Master" Bedroom, it has a small kitchen with stove and fridge a bathroom with sink and toilet and 3-4 lockers, and a table and chairs. There is a queen sized bed and a locker next to the bed with the key to the jail. There is a divider between the bathroom and the bedroom. Once you enter the jail you are in the main cell, it has a mattress in the middle just incase any of your slaves need punishment it also has a couch and a table and chairs along with some shelving 2 tables and a desk. The 4 jail cells contain bunk beds/containers/toilets.

Thats about All really no cheating items or money or anything, just a place to keep your stuff.

Everything is Vanilla, it's only a small esp file. I tried to keep the latch in a place that could be possible and not in the middle of the road.

Basically I duplicated a vanilla jail, deleted all the trash and things that I didn't want, added a few things, changed the doors around, etc etc. And ended with this.

HOW TO LOCK SLAVE INTO CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a way to lock the cell door on the slave and this is how.

First download slave in pose or any other pose mod install it and follow these directions.

Download the slave pose mod here-WARNING ADULT CONTENT IN PICTURES-http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=38356, it is not difficult to use or install.

So with slave pose mod installed you would do this.

1) lead your slave into the cell near to the door inside.

2) Go into Console by pressing ~

3) Typing in TFIK and pressing enter

4) Still in Console Clicking on the Npc slave and seeing their name appear in the top middle screen.

4) Still in console Typing in Playidle t01-t79 (I think for slave pose)

5) Pressing enter

6) Exit console by pressing ~

7) Slave is now in Pose

8) Exit and close the door on the slave and face the slave again through the door (you outside her inside)

9) Enter console click on the door till you see the name of the door in the top middle and type Lock into console and press enter

10) Door is now locked, and you can release the slave from the pose by talking to them and telling them to wait there, they can't exit.

I don't know how to script or anything so this is the only work around I can think of, it seems kind of hard but actually it's not.