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New Vegas Re-animated by alendor with updated running animation for all weapons. No more tripping around like a drunk ballet dancer. Mostly restored Fallout 3 walking/running along with Fallout 3 re-animated. Applying the running animation for all New Vegas weapons.

Permissions and credits

Proper Re-animated running animation for all weapons. When running unarmed the old Fallout 3 animations are played.

In New Vegas there are new subcategories of walking animations starting with //2ha/, //2hm/, //2hl//, //h2a/, //h2h/ etc. These all now have unique animations. In past Fallout 3 the only walking/running animation started with 1hp. So applying the old animations will leave a lot of animations using the default.
I am not an experienced modder so this is simply a collection of how I like the animations when I play the game.
Installation is self serviced so you will have to know what your doing. Heres a small explanation.


I highly recommend making a backup of your old mods first if you have any. Make a copy of the following folder "Fallout New Vegas\Data\meshes\characters\_male" zip, rar or archive it or whichever you prefer.

Extract the archive to your "Fallout New Vegas\Data\" folder.


Delete the files that you extracted and restore the old backup of your "Fallout New Vegas\Data\meshes\characters\_male" folder.


Don't credit me for any of this! I simply copied, renamed and organized the *.kf files that I used in Fallout 3.
I shouldn't have, but IF have accidentally included your animation please send me a PM and I will add your credits w/ link here and/or remove them.
Real credits go to Alendor:

Thank you for the permission to post this Alendor!


Known issues: Fluency in animation transitions. Specifically the idle to sneak transition.
To me they outweigh the cons of playing a drunk ballet dancer. If you don't like em you can always remove them.


This will not work with other animation replacement mods.
Maybe you can install some on-top of this one but I don't think that the walking animations will be proper. You could maybe avoid overwriting all the following files:
Feel free to comment if you have gotten it working with other mods without inducing the "drunk ballet" run. *grin*

Best Regards