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How does the courier carry around so many weapons at once? Simple; with a duffle bag! A Duffle Bag Of Guns!

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Fallout New Vegas:

Duffle Bag Of Guns

Version: 1.0
Date: 07-04-2011
Author: Antistar (Joseph Lollback)
E-mail: [email protected]

1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installation/Uninstallation
4. Playing the mod
5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
6. Save games
7. Conflicts/Known Issues
8. Credits
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11. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
12. Version History


How does the courier carry around so many weapons at once? Simple; with a duffle bag!

A Duffle Bag Of Guns!

The Duffle Bag Of Guns mod (DBOG) adds a duffle bag that can be equipped like a backpack, providing a Carry Weight bonus of +50. Its appearance can also be changed using a menu, with the following options (most of them involving the bag bristling with guns) being available:

- Standard (bag is closed)
- Cheap Guns
- Good Guns
- Great Guns
- Laser Guns
- Plasma Guns

Duffle bags can be purchased from various merchants around the Mojave Wasteland.

Please see the Playing The Mod section below for more information.

2. Requirements

- Fallout New Vegas



- Using 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org), extract the contents (everything - ALL files and folders) of the DuffleBagOfGuns.7z archive file to your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasData directory. If asked if you want to overwrite files and folders, click 'Yes to all' (or equivalent for your operating system).

- In the Data Files section of the Fallout New Vegas Launcher - or using a mod manager tool - place a tick in the box next to DuffleBagOfGuns.esp.


- In the Data Files section of the Fallout New Vegas Launcher - or using a tool like Fallout Mod Manager - clear the tick in the box next to DuffleBagOfGuns.esp.

- If desired, delete all files copied to your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasData directory during installation (check the DuffleBagOfGuns.7z archive file to identify these files).


Duffle bags can be purchased from the following merchants:

188 Trading Post- Arms Merchant
Crimson Caravan- Blake
Freeside- Mick
Goodsprings- Chet
Hoover Dam- Bardon
Mojave Outpost- Lacey
Novac- Cliff
Primm- Nash

Upon equipping a duffle bag and exiting the Pip-Boy, a menu will appear asking if you want to change the appearance of your duffle bag. Simply choose from the menu - or select 'Cancel' if you don't want to change its appearance) and away you go.

Note that - for obvious reasons - the duffle bag's current appearance will not appear in the menu. For example, if it's currently using the 'Good Guns' appearance, the 'Good Guns' option will not appear in the menu.


Q) Can you make this dynamically update depending on what weapons are being carried by the character?
A) No; not possible, sorry. (And before anyone gets cute about it, technically it may be more accurate to say "prohibitively impractical".)

Q) Can I make a request?
A) Sorry, I don't take requests.

Q) Is DBOG compatible with [insert name of mod here]?
A) DBOG should be compatible with virtually all other mods (in the sense that it won't directly conflict with them).

Q) Will texture replacers for weapons work for the weapons depicted as being carried in the duffle bag?
A) Yes.

Q) What do I do with the file I downloaded? It's an unknown file type/I don't know what to do with 7z files.
A) You need a program like 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org) or WinRAR (http://www.rarlab.com) to open the file you downloaded. After you have that, follow the installation instructions above.

Q) Why am I seeing 3D exclamation points and/or missing texture notifications instead of items from the DBOG mod?
A) This happens when the game can't find the meshes and textures it's looking for; in this case that means that DBOG wasn't installed correctly. Along with the DuffleBagOfGuns.esp file, you also need to place the [meshes] and [textures] directories from the DuffleBagOfGuns.7z archive file into your Steamsteamappscommonfallout new vegasData directory. Click on 'Yes To All' if a window pops up asking you if you want to replace files and folders (you won't lose anything).

Q) What if I want to give a duffle bag to a companion NPC and have the duffle bag use a particular appearance while worn by them?
A) Simply equip it on your character and select an appearance type first, then give it to your companion.

Q) Will you tell me how to cheat to get the items added by this mod so I don't have to purchase or go looking for them?
A) There are console commands to give your character any items you want; and with a bit of research I'm sure you'll work it out. I'm not going to actively help people to cheat at my mod though: it goes against the intended design of the mod.


- Activating or de-activating this mod should not have any negative effects on your existing save game/s - but as always, it is good practice to keep backups.


- The strap on the duffle bag was made to (more or less) fit my Dragonskin Tactical Outfits (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36152), as that is what my characters usually end up wearing most of the time. It may clip through or float away from whatever your character happens to be wearing. Due to the massive number of things of different shapes and sizes that characters can wear (even without considering mods that add new outfits), this cannot be avoided.


Any aspect of the mod not specifically mentioned here can usually be assumed to be the work of Antistar (that would be me).

- All meshes included are altered meshes by Obsidian.
- Duffle bag inventory icon made using royalty-free clipart from www.freeclipartnow.com


- Art assets in this mod can be used in other mods for New Vegas without first asking my permission.
- Credit me for 'remixing' them if you like; it's not really important.
- Crediting the authors noted in the Credits section is recommended, however.


My e-mail address is [email protected]


By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, basically.


Version 1.0 (07-04-11)
- Initial implementation of features.