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Fed up hunting for that weapon mod youre after? Try the vending machine then. FULL support for ALL mods. Requires NVSE. MCM supported.

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Ghostifish'sWeapon Mod Vending Machine
Tired of travelling the length and breadth of the Mojave wasteland looking for that ONE weapon mod you REALLY want? Fed up waiting DAYS for a merchant to restock his inventory in the HOPE that he MIGHT stock the one your after? Sick of gathering miscellaneous JUNK to build the weapon mods on the work bench?
I know I was. Thats why I made this.

The Weapon Mod Vending Machine!
Five Six Seven conveniently located vending machines ready to provide you with weapon mod you want right NOW.Simply equip your weapon, locate your nearest WMVM and activate it. WMVM's intuative user interface will detail all currently applicable mods for you to choose from as well as the cost of each and your available funds. Once you have selected your desired mod the WMVM will apply it directly to the weapon!

Fast! Convenient! Effective! Reliable! High-tech! Intelligent! Green! The WMVM is all these things, but it is not cheap. You pay for the speed. You pay for the convenience. You pay for the green colour. In fact you pay 5x the value of the mod!(adjustable)

Now with MCM Support!
Cost multiplier applied to weapon mods purchased from the vending machines can be configured via the new Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).
Also, each vending machine can be disabled/enabled via the menu in case of location incompatabilies, or just because.

~~~~Additional Description~~~~

The MCM will let you adjust the cost multiplier between 1 and 10 in 0.1 increments.
If you are not using MCM (why not?) you can still edit the multiplier using the old instructions below. MCM is NOT required by WMVM.
You can change the cost multiplier via the console with the command "set GHWMVMmulti to x" where x is any number between 1.0 and whatever an FNV float tops out at. Any attempt to cheat FREE weapon mods by setting to 0 will reset the multiplier to 5.
This is an unsupported feature. It seemed to cause me some unexpected and unexplainable load issues. YMMV.


Requires NVSE.
Supports MCM.
Should be completely compatabile with ANY and ALL mods. If its compatable with The Weapon Mod Menu, then its compatable with WMVM.


Install via NMM or Mod Organizer or manually by extract files into data folder.

~~~~Special Thanks~~~~

Thanks to Because and Yaohu for their bug reports.
Thanks to PotatoSamuri for keeping WMVM alive with patches in the long, dark, SCARY days before the NVSE version.
And to One_eyebrow_priest. Had a little discussion with him, and we ended up improving both our mods. Modders of the nexus unite! (he found the MessageBoxEx command that had completely escaped my notice)
Also thanks to AltDunmer for making a German translation available and for his 3.1-Alt version which contained improvements on my original 3.1 version.

~~~~Third Party Addons & Mods~~~~

TTW Weapon Mod Vending Machine by RoyBatty/RoyBatterian - Tale of Two Wastelands Version, requires the assets from here (the meshes, the textures) Places machines around DC and even in DLC areas.
There are apparently translations of WMVM available... I gave several people permission to translate the mod on condition they link me to the translation... but they never did. If you find one... let me know.
WMVM New Locations by AngryGlock - Adds WMVM to Goodsprings, reduces cost. <- By AngryGlocks request this is now redundant :p

~~~~ TL;DR ~~~~

Weapon Mod Vending Machine, found across the wasteland. Gives Weapon Mods for currently equipped weapon in exchange for caps.