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Restores the ability to play Caravan against Poindexter, Melissa Lewis, and Klamath Bob.

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On today's episode of ''DID YOU KNOW''....

DID YOU KNOW that at one point during development you were supposed to be able to play Caravan against Poindexter, Melissa Lewis, and Klamath Bob?

For whatever reason, this was changed before the game was released, but some of the resources relating to it remain. For example, Poindexter still has intact dialogue used for challenging him to a game of Caravan, though he has no Caravan deck or any sort of script which would initiate a game. For Klamath Bob and Melissa Lewis it's almost the opposite: both have Caravan decks, but they have no remaining dialogue options which would allow them to play.

This mod restores the ability to play Caravan against these three, using what resources were available and (in the case of dialogue for Melissa and Klamath Bob) borrows from other sources. The end result is something that slots into the game seamlessly.


Because Klamath Bob is a merchant, the amount of games you can play against him is limited. Rather than going the ''5 games and you're done'' overkill route, I have implemented a version of the system seen in my ''Better Caravan game limits for Merchants'' mod. The short of it is that Bob will play you once every time his store's stock refreshes. By default this is every 3 days, though it can be altered by mods or by just tweaking your ini file.

The dialogue option to play Caravan against Klamath Bob may not show up the very first time you speak to him. Asking him if he's from Klamath should cause the option to show up, as will ending the conversation with him and talking to him again.

Poindexter has no limit on the number of times he will play Caravan against you, though his supply of money does not refresh. Additionally, he only carries NCR money, meaning that if you beat him you will be paid in NCR dollars. Much like Casinos, any fraction of money which he cannot pay in NCR dollars will be paid in caps.

Melissa's dialogue when initiating a game of Caravan is actually taken from Linda Schuler, the medical officer for the Brotherhood of Steel. Both Melissa and Schuler were voiced by Zoe Bell, but Schuler lacks the New Zealand accent that Melissa uses. It's only three words so you may not notice... except I pointed it out. Oh well.

Also, the dialogue option to play Caravan against Melissa will NOT show up until you have successfully completed the quest ''Don't Make a Beggar of Me'' in her favor.