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Enhances Christine\'s skills to match her dialogue so she\'ll STOP LYING TO YOU.

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When conversing with Christine Royce, you can ask her the question ''What weapons are you skilled at?''. Christine will pantomime a variety of things, indicating that she is skilled in:

Energy Weapons
Melee Weapons

Unfortunately, Christine's ONLY tagged weapons skills are Energy Weapons and Melee Weapons. The other skills have laughably low values, making her usefulness with these weapons minor at best.

This mod gives Christine a custom, inherent ability which mimics the natural increase of an NPC's tagged skills. As Christine levels, this ability will add boosts to her Explosives, Guns, and Unarmed skills, roughly equivalent to her normal level progression. By level 16 she will have a Skill level of 100 in ALL the skills indicated by her dialogue.


Yes, this makes Christine INCREDIBLY overpowered. I take no blame for this: Bethesda gave me the idea, so it's their fault. :P