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Fixes the second iteration of the \'\'Caravan cards aren\'t added to your deck\'\' bug. Because if a bug is worth fixing in a patch, it\'s worth breaking again in a DLC, apparently.

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This bug fix is included in Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch (YUP)
If you're looking for a single file that fixes all your bugs, why not give YUP a shot?

Thanks to a new challenge included in the Dead Money DLC, Caravan Cards now have yet ANOTHER new script controlling how they are added to your Caravan deck. For the non-Sierra Madre cards this doesn't cause an issue, only because you can't find those cards anywhere but for sale or in containers. Unfortunately the new script screws things up MAJORLY for cards you find in the world, i.e. every single Sierra Madre card you're liable to come across.

The short of it is that when you pick up a card you find in the world it isn't added to your deck automatically. Picking the card up and dropping it again doesn't help; the only way to get the card into your deck is to transfer it to a container, then take it back into your inventory. At that point the card will be added as normal.

An additional complication is added due to the new ''Dead Man's Hand'' challenge. Because you are able to drop cards and pick them back up again, it is possible to pick up one card that is part of the challenge, then drop it and pick it up four more times. This will cause the game to count the challenge as completed, even though you've only grabbed the one card.

This bugfix corrects the script so that it adds Caravan cards found in the world to your deck IMMEDIATELY. As a consequence, this also closes the exploit relating to the ''Dead Man's Hand'' perk described above.

As a side effect, the noise made when picking up a Caravan card will change from the standard item pickup noise to the ''can't activate'' noise. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that.


Do not try to recompile this script.

DO NOT try to recompile this script.


Thanks to the brain trust at Bethesda, the GECK is not set up to handle one of the new scripting functions included as part of the Dead Money DLC (IncrementScriptedChallenge). Because of this, it is IMPOSSIBLE to (re)compile any script which contains this function. The Caravan card script is one which uses this function.

Now if you're smart, you're asking, ''well then how did YOU do it, Yuki?'' I'll tell you: direct hex-editing, and FNVEdit. It was a long, time consuming pain-in-the-ass just to add this relatively simple code to things. I can't even imagine having to do it for a longer, more involved script.

To that end, I'd like to thank ElminsterAU IMMENSELY for the work he's put into FNVEdit. I've used it quite a bit in the past, but I have to say I was really surprised that it could handle this bit of kludgery without breaking.