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Some different-ish critters to use as you please.

Permissions and credits
Sesom is using the float eye in a project and was gracious enough to share improvements he made to it.
Added Fixed up Float Eye, here is the list of fixes as I understand them:
added missing glow
reduced the poly size
rerigged it so it shots from the weapon position and not from the side anymore
updated the normal map so that more structure on the surface is visible
updated the weightpaint so the weapon doesn't get out of form anymore while shooting

Thanks Sesom!

Added a "Mole Guai" per a specific request.
It looks very catlike in its movement and has optional spines, teeth, eyes, horns, and tusks.

Added a Big Daddy style Super Mutant, a la Bioshock.
Helmet is courtesy of andersh and the Wasteland Gear modder's resource for fo3.
Haven't tested in game. Also waiting on permission to use a certain drill...

Added pack dog equipment.
This is just the brahmin caravan luggage, shrunk to fit the dog. I don't think I could get my dog to lug this stuff but maybe they are bred for it in the future.
It is made to fit the regular dog, you might have to adjust if you want to fit legion mongrel, rex, coyote, etc.
Untested, let me know if it asplodes or something.

Added "FEV Horror".
This is a modified centaur, by Dogtown1. I just fixed some rigging issues.
Not tested but it looks pretty good in geck.

Added Evolved Lakelurk

Updated War Machine with hopefully a better funcitoning head.

Update 9/30:
Added War Machine Supersentry
This is another robot.
Some stuff like the claws from Destructobot will probably fit on him too.
Rigging is not perfect, there is probably a little strangeness in certain animations.

Update 9/8:
Updated Werewolf, less skinny arm, bigger hunch
Also added Werenightstalker. Pretty much what you think it is.

Update 9/7:
Added Werewolf

Update 9/2:
Added Evolved Deathclaw.
Deathclaw rigged to Super Mutant, which means they can use guns and swords.
I also included a "Mr. Claw" version inspired by jonas66's screenshot.
*Please* post screens, I am still unable to do so, beside nifskope shots.

Update 8/31:
Added "Homunculus"
This is Roberts Brawler body rigged to a Super Mutant.
I included a little bit of gear, including a hockey mask if you want a Lord Humongous in your wasteland. SMs can't use 44 mag animations, unfortunately.
His head/neck could probably use some work but I leave that as an exercise for the user.

Update 8/17:
Updated MoleMan so it's hopefully easier to deal with some of the texture ugliness.
Tweaked UV map a bit, upped poly count a bit.
It is set to use some MMMF3 molerat textures, not included, so you'll have to remap.

Update 8/16:
Added MoleMan.
He has lots of different options, including mining helmet and goggles. He is rigged to Super Mutant so he can use the usual melee and projectile weapons. He could probably use some texture help around the seam where his arms meet his torso. But that's why it's called a resource. Screens please!

Updated Destructobot.
Chest/heart thing looks better now. Claws are sharp now. Fixed a hole in his foot. More gear choices.

Update 8/11:
Added evil giddyup buttercup. It is the robohorse from MZ rigged to dog, because that was the closest thing I could find. A side effect is that he will attack with his mouth. That's what makes him evil, you see.

Also added one rigged to bighorner, slightly better, and he attacks with his head which makes some sense as he's made of metal and all. Don't know why he'd eat grass though. Perhaps he is programmed to believe he is a real pony. Sorta sad, when you think about it.

Update 8/9:
Added "DestructoBot".
He is something like robomutt, but supermutant shaped. He can use any animations, etc, that SMs can. I went a little overboard and added some armors and whatnot for him, so mix and match as you please. This one has not been tested outside geck, so please post major bugs and I'll maybe fix them eventually. Also, please post screens, I am unable to do so right now.

Update 8/5:
Added "Hellhound". This was originally conceived by BlackBlossom for a project she was working on that seems to have never come out. Haven't heard from her for a while so here it is. If you use, please credit her and myself.

I uploaded this prematurely, pretend it never happened. If you already got it and are using it, I'm not telling you not to, but I am asking you to refrain from releasing anything for the time being.
Thanks for understanding.

Update 7/15:
I have added several items since I last updated this description page.
The latest is a "parasite" model, rigged to a molerat. I would like to find something better, just to get better attack animations. But at least it's something.
For credit info on the model, please see this page- http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6109

I have created some pack animals for a project I have been working on and turned out other modders can use them as well, so here they are. 1 packrat, 1 packhorner. They are pretty much what you think they are: Rat and Bighorner with pack brahmin stuff strapped to their backs.
The weighting could possibly be improved but that's the price you pay for getting them early.

Here are some familiar yet different creatures to use in your mods as you please. Could the rigging possibly be better in some cases? Probably!
Is it better than nothing? Debatable!

Currently includes:

Human skeleton rigged to deathclaw, as seen in my 'Searchlight Horror' mod
Gecko rigged to deathclaw
Separate spines
Separate 'fur' armor, modified from Kurese's Kirin armor
Separate 'goblin champ' armor, modified from 'Armory of the Berserker' by pale rider
Gecko rigged to supermutant with separate spines

See pictures

Kurese for Kirin armor (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20980)
Pale rider for 'Armory of the Berserker', heavily modifed for the goblin champ armor (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15637)
Blackblossom and myself for Hellhound
Steel Hardburger for Float Eye
Philanthophy for Xenomorph
devinpatterson and myself for protectron/eyebot stuff
RR_Raptor65 for Parasite (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6109)
Clothesminded for Homunculus mask and textures
Rocketlombax for Brawler body
jonas66 for Mr. Claw concept
Myself for idea and rigging
Bethesda/Obsidian for Fallout NV

Use as you please as long as you credit those above.