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A variety of fixes related to the REPCONN Test Site and the quest "Come Fly With Me"

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UPDATE: Expanded this to cover a bunch of fixes at or relating to the REPCONN Test Site and the "Come Fly With Me" quest.
This bug fix is included in Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch (YUP) (from v10 and up)
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Another in my series of location-based bug fix collections. This one focuses on the REPCONN Test Site. There are several issues with both the REPCONN Test Site in general as well as the quest "Come Without further ado, let's go over what's broken and what this fixes.

The Problems

Chris Haversam: Chris has a habit of disappearing while you are retrieving parts for the rockets, which is caused by a number of trigger locations that will flat out disable him whenever he crosses them, even if its no longer prudent to do so (it should only be done the one time). He also refuses to attack at all, even if you anger him by confessing to sabotaging the rockets where he is SUPPOSED to attack you. If Chris is convinced to go live in Novac he is not added to the Novac resident faction, meaning you can kill him in full view of Novac's residents without consequence.

Davison: The script that tracks whether or not Antler (Davison's Brahmin Skull) has been moved is RIDICULOUSLY sensitive, to the point where a thousandth of a unit of movement will cause him to declare Antler as being touched. Furthermore, the script doesn't check to ensure the player is the cause of the movement, meaning you can be on the other side of the basement and suddenly be attacked by Davison because Havok physics moved Antler while you were away. The same script continues to check Antler's position well after Davison has left the building, using resources unnecessarily.

Harland: Harland is a ghoul, but he's not marked as a part of the game's internal Ghoul faction. This means that unlike every other Ghoul in the game, Feral Ghouls will tear him to shreds. Furthermore, an error in the order of his AI packages means that while the rest of the Bright Brotherhood are listening to Jason Bright's speech on the launch pad, Harland is wandering around aimlessly. He also lacks the scripting support to ensure that he is given a Space Suit when he travels to the launch pad. It's also possible to mark Harland as permanently hostile towards you even after you get him to leave his siege room, which shouldn't happen.

Isotope-239 Igniting Agent, Rocket Souvenir, Thrust Control Module: These items stay marked as Quest Items even after "Come Fly With Me" is completed, making it possible to pick them up and be unable to drop them again.

Launch Music: A long-standing issue, the launch music played when the rockets launch will play for a time, then shut off, leaving behind only static. The problem is that a large number of loudspeakers located throughout the REPCONN Test Site building stay tuned to this frequency, flooding it with the sounds of static indefinitely.

Mr. RADical: Sometimes he spawns under the ground, making it impossible to retrieve his corpse.

REPCONN Rocket Pad: The trigger which moves the Bright Brotherhood Followers to the pad will only ensure that male followers have Space Suits.

The Fixes

Chris Haversam: His aggression has been changed from Cowardly to Cautious, so that he'll at least take a few shots at you if he attacks you. When and if he arrives in Novac he will be automatically added to the Novac resident faction, so you can't kill him consequence free anymore, though if you anger him into attacking he will be removed from the faction again so that you can defend yourself without pissing off the entire town. The two triggers which disable him have been modified to ensure he is only disabled the one time (after telling Jason Bright the basement is clear but before talking to him in front of the launch pad), which should keep him from vanishing unexpectedly.

Davison: Antler's "was moved" script has been modified to have a 1 unit leeway in every direction, so that infinitesimal bumps and settlings due to Havok physics will not anger Davison. Furthermore, movement of Antler only angers Davison if the player is in the room with him at the time. When Davison leaves the Basement or is killed the check is disabled completely.

Harland: Harland has been added to the Ghoul faction and will no longer be killed by Ferals. His AI packages have been reordered so that he will stand still for Jason Bright's speech on the launch pad, and checks have been added to his NPC script and various triggers to ensure he has a Space Suit and is wearing it. The trigger that makes Harland hostile will not activate once Harland leaves the room or once Jason Bright and his followers head down to the launch pad. Additional code has also been added so that once Harland is on the launch pad he is no longer hostile to the player.

Isotope-239 Igniting Agent, Rocket Souvenir, Thrust Control Module: All of these items have the Quest Item tag removed at the conclusion of "Come Fly With Me", whether it is completed properly or failed outright.

Launch Music: Scripts have been added to the REPCONN loudspeakers that will deactivate them the next time the player enters the area if the Launch Music radio station is disabled and "Come Fly With Me" has been completed.

Mr. RADical: His placement has been moved upward a few units to reduce the chance that he will get stuck under the ground.

REPCONN Rocket Pad: The triggers which move the Bright Brotherhood Followers has been modified to simply check if they don't have a space suit, rather than checking if their gender is Male.