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Adds some interesting (or maybe not) looking weapons to a repair bench near you.

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This mod adds 4 weapons, all craftable at the repair bench, these weapons are pretty basic, a Smg, the fastest firing gun of them, the most inaccurate and easiest to use to, can be upgraded with an extended barrel to increase accuracy, then there is an assault rifle, your basic fast firing, high damage weapon of choice, can equip a silencer, then we have a 9mm bolt action rifle, does good damage and has a high magazine capacity, despite being bolt action, the most accurate and can equip a scope, and then there is my favorite, a plasma rifle, this one deals heavy damage, but at the cost of lower magazine capacity than the normal plasma rifle, this one is a bit more inaccurate but you can hardly notice it, it also uses a much more common energy cell as its power source. As i said before, these can be made at repair benches, no need to find the recipies, but even if you dont have to find the recipies, doesnt mean it wont be a challenge to get the weapons as each of them have different repair level requirements, the smg has the lowest and the plasma rifle the highest, have fun.

You can do whatever you want with this, just credit me if your going to release it.