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This mod adds a new melee weapon called the Laser Katana.

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This mod adds a new class of melee weapon called Energy Katanas. There are three different types, Laser, Plasma, or Tesla. You can find them in the Deserted Supply Depot at the Tribal Village(see images). Or you can buy them from the vendor.

(Key for cell door is in the coffee mug behind the pile of bricks.)

Copy the data folder over to your new vegas data folder. Check shogo_laser_katana.esp in your mods list.

***Main File 3-25-11***

Removes weapons from Goodsprings. Adds new Deserted Supply Depot at Tribal Village (see images for location). Laser Katanas and their schematics can be found inside the supply depot. The laser katanas can also be bought at Silver Rush.

(For those who want the Laser Katanas right away, the key for the cell door is in the coffee mug behind the rubble.)

Schematics - Experimental Laser Katana
Requires 1 Laser Rifle, 1 Lawnmower Blade, 2 Fission Batteries, and 1 Conductor.

Schematics - Extended Laser Katana
Requires 3 Laser Rifles, 2 Lawnmower Blades, 2 Fission Batteries, and 1 Conductor.

Doesn't repair with laser rifles anymore. Repairs with itself.

***Main File 3-22-11***

I separated the weapon into two variants.
A one-handed version and a two-handed version with a slightly longer blade.

Name: Extended Laser Katana (two-handed)
Health: 100
Value: 7000
Damage: 70
Strength Req: 9
Melee Skill Req: 100
Repairs with Laser Rifles

Name: Experimental Laser Katana (one-handed)
Health: 60
Value: 4000
Damage: 60
Strength Req: 7
Melee Skill Req: 90
Repairs with Laser Rifles


Uses Katana Stand from NecKros - Some Katanas Mod

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