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ADDS EPIC battles, new CITIES, new NPCs and new WEAPONS throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Now with ADJUSTABLE SPAWN COUNT!

Permissions and credits

The subtitle "Misanthropy Pure" is borrowed from the band SHAI HULUD with my thanks.
With special gratitude to the man, the myth, the legend: Mr. Matt Fox (Death to Ming).

Please take a moment to click this and check them out. Perhaps thank them for all the years of hard work, great music and amazing song titles ;)


v6A :


Consult the new map above (or in the 7Z package) for an idea of what's what.

UPDATE : Better gun-toting FIENDS at the NELLIS OVERPASS (meaning, you are less likely to be seeing a bunch of pool-cue wielding FIENDS way down there on the ground unable to do anything to get at you... now, they have guns).

UPDATE : Implements some "mod-cleaning" strategies from HAIRYLEGS222 and ROBERT01. As a reward to them, you, the player, now get to shoot them in the face. They will shoot back.

UPDATE : Puts remaining BOS back to standard factions.

UPDATE : A bunch of fixes I kinda remember making, like adding REGION names, dropping some pesky objects back down to the ground, landscaping, texture fixes, load-screen hints and tips, etc...

UPDATE : NEW entrance to BARSTOW. Effectively making WARZONES into a LONESOME ROAD friendly package. No patch necessary... I hate patches... and yet:

ADDED IN OPTIONAL FILES : WARZONES-RUST TOWN : PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE : A "patch" for RUST-TOWN! Moves the exterior location of RUST TOWN out of the BARSTOW area and now everyone gets along smashingly. It should work fine.

NOT UPDATED : Y'know, I know I said something about a LOOT REMOVER. It's been implemented, but personally, I think it's silly. You then end up with a bunch of naked dead folks. So try this instead: Use PROJECT NEVADA to mitigate the amount of loot OR don't pick the loot up in the first place.


v5A :

ADDS the long-awaited WARZONES : SPAWN-O-METER (Warzone Config Tool) to your APPAREL TAB.

The SPAWN-O-METER allows you to adjust the NPCs from HIGH to LOW and back again in-game.

This should allow just about everyone to get in on the carnage! No longer do you need a super-computer to run WARZONES!

In order to help you test the SPAWN-O-METER, I've added a location on the map called WARZONES : RIVERSIDE PLATEAU VANTAGE POINT. It will appear automatically. It is located near the CLIFFSIDE PROSPECTOR CAMP which is on the west bank of the river.

This is a great TEST area as you will be delivered to a safe place from which to watch the carnage.

From this VANTAGE POINT, you will be able to adjust your NPCS using the SPAWN-O-METER as well as adjust your in-game graphics and distance settings.

Then jump in and start fighting!

The SPAWN-O-METER also allows you to commit to LOW SPAWNS. Once done, this cannot be undone. For those of you that know you're going to stick with LOW SPAWNS, this might help get you a few more frames-per-second as it deletes the unused NPCs. Personally, unless you really have to, I wouldn't do it.

To those of you that prefer CONSOLE COMMANDS :

If you'd like to switch SPAWN COUNT using the CONSOLE, the command is:

"SET WZONEHIGHLOW to 0" for LOW (without the quotes)
"SET WZONEHIGHLOW to 1" for HIGH (without the quotes)



Yet another massive WARZONE... only this time... you can't run away.

(note, if you find that you are falling through the overpass model, then you didn't transfer the MESHES FOLDER... please do so).



It is VERY IMPORTANT that you copy the entire TEXTURES and MESHES folders into your DATA folder. There are new textures and meshes in V5.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT that you do a CLEAN SAVE! Resetting the mod is very helpful.

For all this in-game discussion of 'WAR', there wasn't that much 'WAR', was there?

Now there is.

This mod does what it says... It adds EPIC battles throughout the Mojave Wasteland.

While exploring the Mojave Wasteland, you will come upon battles containing many, many NPCs.

At last count there are more than 1700 NEW, ANGRY NPCS, 100s of NEW, CUSTOM, on and off-map 'acres' and more to come!


After a time, the WARZONES will respawn... same factions... different characters!

The NPC's levels are based, somewhat, on the player's level. You won't see an NCR HEAVY TROOPER at level 1... but you might see one at level 5. Because of this somewhat random spawn generation, each battle will be different. Sometimes the NCR might wipe out the LEGION in 2 minutes. Other times, the reverse may be true. And still other times, you'll be engaged in 10 minute battles that span acres of in-game ground.

You may even need to turn tail and run like hell. There's no shame in being a sissy.

It's badass if you have the computer to handle it.

No. Not really.

But I have attempted to keep the WARZONES somewhat logical based on who lives where.

For instance, LEGION vs NCR WARZONES will usually be in the SOUTHEAST portions of the map.

I don't necessarily recommend this for first-time players because some Vanilla dialog will contradict this mod. As an example, a RANGER at an NCR outpost says something to the effect that nothing has been going on because the LEGION and NCR are watching each other... well... boy, oh boy, is he wrong now.

I don't really like killing creatures/animals that are just trying to live their lives, so WARZONES contains epic battles between HUMANS and HUMANOIDS mostly.

I don't want to spoil the surprises, but that basically includes : NCR, LEGION, SUPERMUTANTS, GHOULS, VIPERS, FIENDS, JACKALS and MILITIA/MERCS.

No animals were harmed in the making of this mod (although some might get caught in the crossfire). PETA friendly.

I am telling you now that if you don't have a computer that can handle additional NPCs and locations that this will probably not work for you on HIGH

I have added the WARZONES : SPAWN-O-METER which will allow you to remove about HALF of the NPCS added in-game. This should help those of you who are experiencing dramatic slowdowns due to the excess of new NPCs.

Now, with the WARZONES : SPAWN-O-METER, just about everyone should be able to enjoy the additional carnage!

PLEASE err on the side of caution and begin using this mod with a clean save - NOT an AUTOSAVE or QUICKSAVE.

Highly Recommended

Vurts Wasteland Flora Overhaul : Awesome redesign of most trees and grass.
Modified Combat Values : Makes the enemies much smarter and harder.
OJO BUENO'S Texture Shop : Amazing retextures for a lot of things.

Of course, I recommend my own mods :

ELECTRO-CITY : Relighting the Wasteland
The IMAGINATOR : Control Your Visual Destiny (w/Marcurios)
DYNAVISION2 : Dynamic Lens Effect (w/Gopher)
CINEMATECH : Film Grains and Styles (w/Gopher)


There are, apparently, many things you can do to get better performance from F:NV than the default settings provide. However, it requires some fiddling around. Just because the below tweaks worked for me doesn't necessarily mean they'll work for you, so I make no guarantees (and tweak at your own risk), however:

Be sure you are using the most recent OFFICIAL UPDATE. Major performance improvements were added.

I have found HUGE success in using the FALLOUT CONFIGATOR and setting everything to thread-able in the PERFORMANCE TAB to THREADED. I also increased the HAVOK threads to 14. Your results may vary.

Having an NVIDIA card, I also tweaked settings using NVIDIA INSPECTOR.

I have my FALLOUT.EXE set for LARGE ADDRESS AWARE while running on a 64-bit system.

Within FALLOUT'S GAME SETTINGS (or FOMM'S GRAPHIC SETTINGS), I recommend REDUCING your DRAW DISTANCE, notably for NPCS. Past about 8 'ticks' you don't see NPCs as more than one-pixel-specs, so it occurred to me that would be wasting processor power on things you couldn't see anyway.

While you're at it, bring down your ITEM and OBJECT draw distances. Even reduce GRASS if you find it helps.

In some cases, getting F:NV to perform optimally on your computer will take a lot of trial and error, but honestly, it's worth it even without using WARZONES.

I am able to run WARZONES in conjunction with:
ELECTRO-CITY : Relighting the Wasteland

Can you? I do not know.

If you're having troubles with this or other mods, maybe try dropping your resolution... yes, yes, we all want the game to run at 1920x1080 with 16xx AA, 15 Filter Samples, Ultra-HIGH Quality Textures and at a smooth 120FPS, but y'know, that's probably not a reality anyway.Bring it down a notch and your gameplay will probably improve overall... just sayin'.


As you would any other mod really. Copy the ESM and the TEXTURES FOLDER into your game's DATA folder. Activate using FOMM and off you go on your brand-spanking-new killin' sprees.


WARZONES : MISANTHROPY PURE adds 100s of really pissed NPCs, new SCENERY, new BATTLEFIELDS and new BOSS-LIKE characters.


I love 'em!

If you have constructive criticism or an idea you'd like to see implemented, PLEASE let me know...

This mod was suggested and inspired by EVILMAN222
And thanks to SHARMONYX for the groovy horror mutant textures!

Any REQUESTS? Leave 'em in the COMMENTS section!!!

- David