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The idea of this little mod is to bring a bit of immersion/eyecandy.

Interior cells are often empty places without objects, and the scarce clutter is randomly placed, giving a "WTF-is-that-doing-here" impression.
In short: shops don't look like shops, habited houses are empty and everything is quite generic.
I'm trying to fill empty cells placing the existent junk where I think is more logical to be, adding more stuff when needed and deleting  what I think shouldn't be there. My point is to get the feeling of being in the correct place: a shop should look like a shop, a home should have It's owner's belongings, inhabited places shouldn't be so dark, and so on and on...

Exterior cells are also empty, very poor (or not at all) detailed or implemented in a very illogical way. For example, you can find debris  where there's not a destroyed wall nearby, transited roads full of obstacles, or simply poor/boring places. I'm trying to bring a bit of logic, or at least, eyecandy.

Another point of this mod is to match as much as I can, interior and exterior cells. Thus, adding/deleting/changing windows, doors, AC units  and even the shape of the interior cell (when I can) to match with what you see outside of the building.

At last, I'm fixing two common vanilla problems: clipping issues and floating objects .

FNV is huge, and this mod will be finished never, but I'll complete this as much as I can.

Wanna install the spanish version? Here , thanks, aloot!

Check the CHANGES tab to know what's new in v0.38.
(Full changelog from earlier versions in the readme of the file)

Done so Far

188 Trading Post: Above and beneath the overpass. This is completed (for now). Also the 'Deserted Shack' location nearby.

Atomic Wrangler Casino: the three zones. Completed, over and done.

Bonnie Springs

Boulder City: Big Horn Saloon, Kahns Hideout, Train Station (WIP)

California Sunset Drive-In

Canyon Wreckage

Crimson Caravan HQ: Main Building

ElDorado Gas & Service

Freeside: Mick & Ralph's (WIP).

Gibson scrap yard: Interiors and exteriors. Completed, over and done.

Gomorrah: Main Zone, Joana's room.

Goodsprings: Almost all enterable buildings. Tweaked exteriors in town and 'GS source'. The 'Devil's Gullet' location nearby.

Helios One: Power Plant and Mirror Yard

Highway 95 Viper's Encampment

Hopeville Missile Silo (WIP)

Jean Sky Diving: Interiors and exteriors.

King's School of Impersonation (WIP)

Legate's camp: Legate's Tent

Lone Wolf Radio

Mojave Outpost: Interiors and Exteriors. Completed, over and done.

Mountain Shadows campground

NCRCF: Visitor's Centre, Parking Lot, Prison Yard, PG camp North.

Nevada Highway Patrol station

New Vegas Medical Clinic

Nipton: Paranoid's House, Tinker's House, Trade Center, Town Hall.

Nipton Road Reststop: Interior and exterior. Completed.

Novac: Motel front desk, Gift Shop, Gas Station, Jeannie May Crawford' house, McBrides house, Player's motel room, Ranger Andy's Bungalow and that tent that seems to be a sort of eatery or canteen.

Primm: EVERYTHING but unnamed NPCs houses.

Ranger Station Charlie: Interiors (pre and post attack) and Exteriors. Completed, over and done.

Red Rock Canyon: Khan's Yurts and camp, Drug Lab and Khan's Armory.

Sierra Madre Villa (WIP)

Sloan: Interiors and Exteriors. Completed, over and done.

Wolfhorn Ranch (inside)


Yukichigai Unofficial Patch

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Interior Lighting Overhaul



The usual way: everything in the 'Data' folder.
Load before 'Interior Lighting Overhaul' or any other mod altering the lightning.

If new installation, your savegame should be in an interior cell not touched by this mod when installing.


Clipping issues with any other mod which adds/moves stuff on the same places this mod do.


All work done by me, except (obviously), 3rd party content used (credits in the "credits readme"). Do not upload this mod without permision.
For any issue, contact me via newvegasnexus forum or PM.