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A Series of patches for A World Of Pain to alter many aspects of New Vegas and AWOP gameplay. Many patches currently available: \'CaliberX Ammo patch\' \'Low Loot\', \'Low Robots\' and new weapons patches. NOTE: Book of Earache & Monster Mod patches have been moved to seperate pages.

Permissions and credits
A World Of Pain - The Patches (for Version 3.0 and above)

- AWOP/CaliberX Ammo patch 9.2
- AWOP/Ahztek's Weapon Overhaul Patch 5.0
- AWOP/Classic Fallout Weapons Patch 7.0
- AWOP Low Loot 5.0
- AWOP Low NPCs 5.0
- AWOP Low Robots 2.0

ALL PATCHES (other than Low Robots) have been updated for full compatablity with new AWOP (version 5.0) settings.

Classic Fallout Weapons Patch updated to VERSION 6:
CFW Ammo now works properly.
I could not fix scripts to add CFW ammo to CaliberX ammo lists so I just dropped them straight into the CalX formlists. This could cause problems down the line if anyone else chooses to modify those same formlists so let me know if you have any problems.
[This mod does now and probably always will require CaliberX. Many of the ‘M’/’HP’/’RF’ weapon variants rely on it. Do not try and use this version alongside the CFW DLC Version. It is incompatible with that version (will be searching for the wrong name). These mods is still stable with the DLCs active.]

- Complete container overhaul, especially around Goodsprings. Less stuff that ever before. Expect only a handful of bullets from Ammo Lockers, no Combat Armor anywhere before Nipton (all armor spawns reduced to cheapest armors).
Any areas north of (and including) the Underground have only had loot reduced slightly (most are newer and balanced already).
- NPC loot reduction. Mostly Armor and weapons which have been changed, lowered in condition or removed entirely.
- On location clutter removal – Some expensive loot removed from locations (not a whole load – most was gone already). M Weapons spread about in the same places as in the current AWOP (were being overridden by this patch before).
- NPC Weapon Levelled lists rebalanced. Only a few AWOP Wasteland NPCs can spawn with high-level gear anymore (none around Goodsprings).
- Value reductions – Many Armors available early in the game have had reductions in value and a minor reduction in DT. Metal ‘M’ Armors now have medium weight (instead of light).
AWOPLowLootSkillBooks: Updated for latest AWOP and deleted about 4 new books.
AWOPLowLootMWeapons: Removes about 5 more M Weapons that had been added after the patch.

-Removes Hundreds of new NPCs from the wasteland to boost performance. There is another optional file for also removing some interior NPC/Creature spawns in areas prone to FPS drops.

AHZTEK's Weapon Patch V4 Relaesed!:
Complete Overhaul of all ‘M’ variant weapons
All stats tweaked for as varied but practical a variety of weapons as possible.
More rare Caliber ammo types made use of and damage bonuses given to those with rare or very expensive ammo types.
Ahztek’s Mods now work on M versions (some with hidden bonuses)
Mods kits spread around locations & vendors (& Monster Patch Rumble Boxes).

CFW Weapon Patch V4 Released!:
(Re-uploaded due to a wrong ammo type in a Starter Box loadout)
Full updates for compatibility with the latest CFW update (this patch still requires CaliberX)-
CFW Formlists updated with CaliberX equivalents so you can use both in the new weapons.
Complete damage rebalance to bring guns more into line with the other AWOP Weapon Patches.
Complete overhaul of the Starter Box with more powerful/useful loadout options.

CALIBERX Patch V5 Released!:
Adds more of the accidentally rare .380 round into vendor lists.

-AWOP MONSTER PATCH released! It's freakin awesome and
it's got it's own site here:

-BOE Patch moved to a new site to help acoomodate new resources and seperate comments:

Drag the wanted esp files into your data folder.
Order them so they load after AWOP main esm file.
Select the ones you want and launch the game.
You should be able to turn them on and off whenever you like but your saved games may have difficulty changing objects in previously accessed areas and especially removing already gathered items from your inventory. Any areas accessed after the patch is applied should load and play correctly (e.g. with much less loot or more guns).

AWOP/Ahzteks Weapon Overhaul Patch Version 4:
Adds loads of assorted weapons from Ahzteks Weapon Overhaul to AWOP and vanilla areas.
Currently Affects:
Ahzteks Guns : Uses a modified (M) range of Ahztek’s weapons. This is for a number of reasons but most importantly because Ahztek’s mod is an .esp it cannot b e set as a master and the weapons would come up as dulicate entries in the player inventory anyway.
NPCS: Ahztek’s weapons can mostly be found on AWOP’s new boss NPCs along with a few new characters unique to this patch.
Starter Box: A whole new starter box with 9 more options to choose from.
Vendors: Ahztek’s ‘M’ weapons will only spawn in a few rare
vendor inventories.

New to V3:
All sounds fixed finally. More backup guns for AWOP NPCs and a few more guns spread around the wastes.

New to Version 2:
-All Ahztek’s weapon sounds fixed thanks to Foxd1e.
-Faction data updates for NCRCF Powder Gangers.
-Even more backup weapons for AWOP boss NPCs.
EDIT: - The sounds remain broken for a reason I am not all together that clear on. If you have any advice regarding setting esps as master files please check out the comments page.

AWOP (Main file 0.6 or above)
Ahzteks Weapon Overhaul.esp
These mods need to be loaded well before the patch, somewhere at the start with the patch at the end in this order.

AWOP/Classic Fallout Weapons Patch Version 5:
Adds loads of assorted weapons from Classic Fallout Weapons to AWOP and vanilla areas.

-Updated for compatibility with latest version of CFWNV.
-Ammo Lists changed to use CaliberX as default in all CFW guns (including original versions). In order to activate the new CFW ammo variants for these guns you need to enter one of three invisible triggers located in either Doc Mitchells (by the Starter Boxes), Lucky 38 (Main Casino Floor Entrance) or the Underground Market Armory (anywhere between the entrance and cage
-Bozar and YK2 Pulse Weapons have had their critical damage doubled to compensate for their low power compared to ‘M’ variants of other weapons.

New to V2: Even more NPCs, all new AWOP boss characters affected by CFW weapon spawns. Lots of minor bugfixes.
Currently Affects:
CFW Guns: Over half of the guns used have been given stats boosts and have changes to caliber alongside other details (such as title changes). This is to balance them alongside the other weapon patches as well as for a number or other reasons, (rarer ammo firing weapons generally have more power than common ammo types, restore a little balance to rifles next to pistols and other stuff).
AWOP Interiors: Loads more guns in AWOP areas.
NPCS: Loads of new NPCs with their own tiers such as ‘Jackal Specialists’, ‘Powder Ganger Bullies’, ‘Legion Champion’ etc... All of whom spawn with unusual random weapons. Expect to find them all over the place (AWOP & Vanilla).
Starter Box: A whole new starter box with 9 more options to choose from.
Vendors: More CFW weapons (including new modified versions) available from certain vendors (AWOP & vanilla).

Note: I have not used any references to any of Arenovalis's weapons beacuse I have not recived permission from him yet.

CFWNV (Classic Fallout Weapons)
AWOP (Main file 0.5 or above)
Load the mods in this order and well before the patch.

AWOP/Book of Earcahe Weapon Patch:

AWOP CALIBERX AMMO Patches Version 4:
CaliberX Ammo in Monster Patch Reward Boxes.
Further compatibility with new CaliberX Updates.
Optional LowAmmo Patch version updated to latest FNV patch.
Several new changes from Earache42

Two patches (standard and Low Ammo) to spread CaliberX ammo across the wastes, interiors, vendors and containers in the vanilla game and AWOP areas. Mostly for use with the upcoming Weapon patches but can be used without as a general boost for vanilla and xCal ammo.
Requires AWOP and CaliberX which need to be loaded first. Choose only one patch file at a time (normal or low loot).
Currently it affects 90% of existing interiors which have been altered with new ammo stashes. The further away from Goodsprings you get, the more unusual and valuable the ammo spawns become.
Most ammo is well hidden behind chairs, under beds, in wooden boxes etc...
Vendors that sell ammo now sell a lot more. Also their ammo spawn lists are specific to each character. For example Miguel sells unusual ammo, Contrias has loads of large cal ammo, Chet will not sell a lot of the larger caliber till the player is above level 10 and other similar tweaks.
Only a few boxes chucked into the wastes, generally in hard to reach/spot areas.

Standard version: Has been developed for use with mods such as VVV, IWS, Zombie Apocalypse and similar. Not very lore friendly (even to AWOP areas).
Low Version: Should spawn like the vanilla game. Currently set to half the ammo amount of the standard version though one or the other is likely to change.

Contains three optional Low Loot patches for AWOP.

-Further compatablity for recent FNV and AWOP updates.
-All 'M' Weapons removed from new levelled lists in the 'MWeapon' patch. NOTE - If you are running any Weapon mods alongside this patch they will most likely overwrite these changes without some clever editing in FNVEdit or similar first.
-A few other minor changes (see readme for details)

Reduces the following:
Ammo: Ammo lowered in locations, containers and NPC inventories. All AWOP ammo lowered by approx 60-70%.
Armor: Early access to Combat Armor or equivalent severely limited. Armor cabinet spawns halved.
Clutter: All clutter lowered on location, in containers & NPC inventories (approximately halved).
Food: Lowered slightly all around.
Weapons: High power weapons removed from early stages of the game.

Removes all the skill books from AWOP locations (not magazines though).

Removes 95% of ‘M’ Weapons from AWOP locations.
Remaining weapons are:
Hyper-Sledge M (quest object – you can make as many as you want as long as you can find the parts)
Heavy Incinerator M (quest object – only one can be made)
Hunting Shotgun M (only one of these left in)
Marksman Carbine .308 M (standard UG Officer weapon, also a quest reward)
Pulse Gun Prototype (worse than original, only one available)
Riot Shotgun M (standard UG Troop weapon, also a quest reward)

Nothing other than re-saved for compatability with the latest FNV Patch.
These patches are designed to reduce the amount of robots in 3 highly populated Underground areas to help with run speeds and CTD issues.
DO NOT try and run both files at the same time. This will probably be bad.

Reduces the following:
Underground Military HQ: Removes all but 2 tough Sentry Bots and a single Security Bot.
Underground Emergency Station: Removed about 10 robots in total. About 5 left.
The Arena: All robots removed and replaced by two huge Sentry Bots.
All turrets have been left unaltered.
All areas have had a small boost of Tech Pyschos and Warriors.

Underground Military HQ: Removes all the robots apart from 1 Security Bot. Turrets reduced by about 5.
Underground Emergency Station: Removed all but three Mr Gutsys and a Security Bot. Turrets reduced by about half.
The Arena: All robots removed and replaced by Tech Psychos and Warriors
All areas have had a small boost of Tech Pyschos and Warriors.

Credits: Myself - DavidLeMaistre
rickerhk - For advice on patch compatability problems.
EARACHE42 – For CaliberX:
EARACHE42 – For BoE:
EARACHE42 – For the update for CaliberX
Linerunner – For CFWNV
Ahztek666 - For Ahztek's Weapon Overhaul
Foxd1e – For fixing all the new Akztek Weapon sounds to match their originals.
rickerhk - For solving the very difficult to solve sleep bug.


Modded Armors used in screenshots:
Ghost Variants (NV Nexus)
TYPE3 and SKINNY LNC StealthSuits (NV Nexus)
AEVGear NV (NV Nexus)
Wasteland Warrior 2 NV (NV Nexus)
Alice Armors (NV Nexus)

Unique FO3 Armor Ports:
Hentai Mania - Apple Suit
Bronson's Dark Temptress
Backsteppo / TKone's Microbikini, Harness & Thong (assorted)