m110 sass sniper rifle by enroger and hallowedking
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Added: 09/03/2011 - 01:09AM
Updated: 30/03/2011 - 09:01AM

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Last updated at 9:01, 30 Mar 2011 Uploaded at 1:09, 9 Mar 2011

Update: Some of you reported problems with the scope while zooming in, now I can't track down the problem, but I've uploaded a file to change the scope to vanilla sniper rifle. This will solve all problem, just not as awesome as the custom scope :(

Update: Some of you may notice the mag would shift position after reload, I've just uploaded a fix to it, just copy all the nif and overwrite them in data/meshes/m110.

Update: There is now a tan retex under optional, just overwrite original textures.

Update: I've re-uploaded a file, that I've tested on my machine to be free of the DSR-1 master file (removed it from FOMM and run m110, no problem)

There is also a just ESP file in optional, so if you already dl it before, just get this esp file and replace the original

Update: Removed a useless master file.

The mod add a M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System into the wasteland. It fires .308 rounds, and have 20 round mag for it.

The weapon comes with two detachable kit, suppressor and thermal sight. They are digestible, activate suppressor in your inventory will holding the rifle will give you a suppressed m110, activate flash suppressor will remove the sound suppressor. Same thing with thermal sight, activate scope will return m110 with normal scope on it.

To use thermal sight just zoom in and you'll see the effect, now don't anyone of you even think about call of d...

***NOTE**** Thermal sight needs NVSE to work.

There are two sets of the weapon and mod, one in helios one observation tower, one in black mountain supply room.

Bug: Well not exactly a bug, it seems stealthboy covers infra-red spectrum too, so you can't see nightkins with thermalsight.

Hallowedking and me for modeling the thing
Thanks Gother for his thermal sight code I diced and chopped with
Thanks Earache42 for permission to use khuggans bipod and helping me with the normal maps