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Fixes the distribution of Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor so that it is actually worn by members of the Brotherhood of Steel.

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This bug fix is included in Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch (YUP)
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The lists which control the distribution of Brotherhood Power Armor are not set up properly. Although the game is set up with two lists for the two variants of Brotherhood Power Armor - T-45d and T-51b - The list used by the T-45d list is filled with the WRONG type of armor. This results in the odd T-45d helmet/T-51b armor combination seen semi-frequently in Hidden Valley and elsewhere.

This mod corrects the issue by filling the list in question (CondPowerArmorBrotherhood) with Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor. This small change means that any Brotherhood of Steel Paladin or Patrol member you would normally see with a T-45d helmet will also be wearing the armor to match.


Aside from Brotherhood of Steel members actually being seen in T-45d Power Armor, the most obvious change is that the dead Brotherhood members you find as part of the quest Still in the Dark will be wearing T-45d Power Armor. Brotherhood Paladins will still be attired in T-51b armor, almost without exception.


An earlier bugfix by Zenball (''Power Armor Helmet Fix'') corrected this issue by simply making every armored Brotherhood member wear the full compliment of T-51b armor. I believe this was not the correct way to fix this problem.

More importantly, the nature of Zenball's earlier fix will stop THIS fix from working correctly. Please DO NOT use Zenball's earlier fix with this bugfix.