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Expands Knight Torres\' vendor inventory (at the Brotherhood of Steel Bunker) after you complete all Brotherhood quests.

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After completing enough quests for the Brotherhood of Steel you are offered full access to their armory inventory as incentive. Theoretically this should give you access to a bunch of high-powered energy weapons, right?

Not so much. Completing the quest allows you to purchase a Gatling Laser, Gauss Rifle, Laser Pistol, Laser RCW, Laser Rifle, and Tri-Beam Laser Rifle. You can purchase one and only one of those, each, and that's it. Afterward Torres' inventory will refresh without those items available. Not much of a reward, is it?

This mod alters Torres' expanded inventory (after completing Brotherhood quests) so that it includes a random selection of ALL energy weapons which can be sold, with a larger collection of high-powered weapons available.


Because Knight Torres' inventory features a number of other bugs, this mod includes a number of bugfix elements which were included in another bugfix mod I have released (''Knight Torres Inventory Fix''). If possible, do not use that mod and this one simultaneously.

If you are using the Community Bugfix Compilation, make sure that this mod loads AFTER it. You may need to use FOMM and the "Create Merged Patch" function if you encounter errors.