Fallout New Vegas

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This mod adds Pokemon to Fallout New Vegas.

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Pokemon New Vegas V1.0

***Original for Fallout 3***

Finally after months of putting it off I have completed my Pokemon mod for Fallout NV. For those of you who are familiar with my Fallout 3, its the same concept with few improvements. You throw you Pokeball to release your Pokemon, just like in the game. They follow you around as a companion would and fight along side you.

***To find the Shrines that have the Pokeballs you must open your map and look for the shrines and travel to them.

Current Pokemon List:

V1 - 3/5/11
*Does not replace anything in the game so no worries
*All Pokemon from Red and Blue Version
*10 total Pokemon
*All Pokeballs are located in a separate shrine that to must travel to to obtain the Pokemon unlike in the Fallout 3 version where every Pokeball was in the same suitcase.
*Each shrine (container) will refill with Pokeballs every 4 days.
*Each Pokemon can now follow you as you quick travel or enter doors.
*Improved textures compared to Fallout 3's.

Pretty straight forward, just copy the "Data" and "ArchiveInvalidation" into your Fallout New Vegas directory. For those of you who are using legit copies of Fallout NV they would be copied here
Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas
I might include are video on it for those of you who are not sure.