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A radar panel that display enemies, teammate, neutrals, and corpses around you.

Permissions and credits
Actual Game Effect (Version 1.2)

If you like my mod, checking my mod collection page for more incoming mods.


  • It's initially a side product of my fairy companion (so the mod variable naming is a little weird. Lots people looks forward it, so I decide to publish it along first.
  • Currently, maximally 80 targets can be displayed at the same time since there is no way to create UI elements dynamically in a script. Also, making the maximum over 80 exceeds the maximum script size GECK allows since the script contains huge if/else block generated by Perl script. Not like OBSE, FOSE/NVSE cannot specified the name of UI element dynamicaly..(I've tried..it does not work as OBSE does..). I guess I'll eventually start to programming NVSE at last.

Known Issues

  • No bug report for a month! so I think V1.32 have SOLVED this issue, cheers!
    The issue:
    Rarely the radar HUD may freeze until you restart the game. This maybe due to fast travelling or cell switching. This bug is hard to be reproduced! if you encounter this, please let me know HOW TO REPRODUCE IT if possible. I can debug it only if I know how to reproduce it.
  • Since no one knows how to detect hostile targets as the game engine does, the customize approach is reference from THE5 Combat Assistant mod by Nightterror5. However, it still does not perfectly synchronize with the game engine.


Install via FOMM (Suggested): unzip the file and use FOMM to directly install the fomod package. The installer will automatically copy or merge xml UI files if needed.

Manual Installation(not recommended): extracting the download file twice until you se the esp file, then copy it to the data folder, and you need to manually merge the xml files located at "fomod/hud_main_menu.xml" and "menu/main/hud_main_menu.xml".


1. Get the "!Radar" and "Radar Configurator" items from a crate in the living room of Doc Mitchell's House.
2. Equip it, and then the HUD will be displayed.
(When equiping, the NVSE detector will show some message if NVSE is not running)
3. Use the configuator to adjust your radar HUD!


- some script skill and actor effect is learning and reference from THE5 Combat Assistant mod by Nightterror5
- some installer c# script is reference from Porject Neveda by Neveda team.

For Modders

The source code of this mod is temporally hidden since this mod will be integrated and improved into my fairy companion mod. The code will be revealed after the fairy mod is published.


2011/03/15 - V1.32 bug fix. Try to fix the freeze bug at death by cleaning the radar data if player is dead.
2011/03/13 - V1.31 bug fix. Try to fix the freeze bug by forcing the radar to update when cell-switching is detected.
2011/03/10 - V1.3 major update
  • configurable HUD position
  • configurable Radar display range
  • configurable Radar display type (can ONLY display some of enemies, NPCs, teammates, corpses)
  • twinkling red emeny target that is attacking you

2011/03/04 - V1.22 minor update
  • Fix a potential cause of freezing issue.
  • Using multiple texture files for displaying radar targets instead of one, so people with different HUD color scheme can get universally looking of targets.
  • Since the rarely-happened freeze problem occurs when fast travelling or loading, I just make a check to stop HUD updating if it's in pipboy or menu.

2011/03/03 - V1.21 bug fix.
  • Fix a potential cause of freezing issue.
  • Add maximal target to 80 (90 will exceed maximal script size that GECK allows)
  • constantly checking if the radar is equipped, this should solve the issue that the HUD does not show/hide in some rare situations.

2011/03/02 - V1.2 bug fix.
  • Try to display hostile target right (at least synchronize with "THE5 Combat Assistant mod".
  • Try to solve freezing bug.
  • Adding radar item to a crate in Doc's hourse of GoodSprings.
  • Add NVSE detector, I get tired to tell people to install NVSE that I've marked it as the dependence...

2011/03/01 - public release, branch out from mod collection page.
2011/02/22 - V1.1. bug fixed for fiction display.
2011/01/31 - initial version V1.0 pre-release testing somewhere