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  1. 666AdamDraven666
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    Hi, I am writing this to this mods :
    Advanced J3XMotorcycle by invalidfate
    More Advanced J3X Motorcycle by akanelove
    New Vegas - Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon
    Just Vanilla Sprint by Yvileapsis

    So I have problem with animations, when I sit on the motorcycle it looks like he is standing inside and the motorcycle is a little bit up, that will be fixed by going into 3rd person. When I am riding it will sometimes make the character running than sitting back and again and again, It looks like he grabs the motorcycle and run. I want to know if you will be able to make these mods compaiable so I can have both mods... For now I will not use motorcycle mod.

    The second problem isn't that bad but when I am sprinting and look down at my body, I see 4 hands :D.

    Please make this happen so the game will be awesome AF.

    I also have question about motorcycle animations... When I instal the motorcycle skin replacer. it makes the motorcycle blue and you can see through it... I just want a nice chopper god damnit xdd.


    PS: sorry for my bad english xdd..
  2. SonAnka
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    I cant get bike? How can I get?
    1. MercusMassacre
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      Use the "Motorcycle Caller" item in the "Aid" section of the pip boy.
  3. AJStoner
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    Having an issue. Just re-installed New Vegas and have the mod loaded. W and S do nothing--the bike won't move. A and D turn the bike normally but no forward or backward movement. Does anyone have an idea what the trouble might be?

    EDIT: If I press "=" for the experimental movement system I can move VERY slowly. In normal mode not at all.
    1. drolhcet
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      I also need to press "=" but speeds seem normal afterward. I did have to re-install manually as Vortex will break if using all the optional updates and the more advanced mod + J3X replacer as they keep wanting to replace the original plugin or install files in wrong locations. Which is why some people are not getting the item to call bike. I use this as master plugin renamed as MAIN and then load the new plugin after. Also if using MoreADvanced use the Backpack animation optional update from Motorcycle Replacer Animation Update for proper riding pose as the necklace option floats above the bike.
  4. GroxXx777
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    Like a lot of other guys here, I had a loud, annoying metallic noise at random as if I was hitting something invisible, so messing around with the files I found which specific sound it was and killed it. I also made all of the bike noises MUCH quieter, since they were much louder than anything else in the game, made the whole experience a thousand times better.


    Just extract and replace in your data folder. Great mod by the way, but it still needs some tuning, I'm still enjoying it much more than the cars one though, which doesn't have a "caller" like this one has, so I have to go back and forth to get my car if I fast travel.
    1. Maverick2Batman
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      which file is it?
    2. Pragmatique
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      Do you also know why sometimes the motorcycle slows down suddenly?
    3. Cruzifixio
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      This is an old post but... Fast travel? you have a goddamn car!
    4. rcdadude
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      YOU sir, are the true MVP!
      Thank you so much!
    5. KoKazMokaz93
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      rides by poppin a wheelie. The front tire doesn't ever touch the ground. Anyone know why? hot to fix this? thks
    6. herpderp309
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      thanks man :3
    7. ThD17gj692
      • supporter
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      Doubt you are still checking on this mod, but I need to say how great your sound file works. You're a genius! Your fix makes Advanced J3XMotorcycle a true pleasure to ride. Thank you.
  5. ThD17gj692
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    Advanced J3XMotorcycle works in TTW. Can ride in DC area as well as in the Mojave. What a thrill!

    Just in case anyone else wants to do the same, I followed TTW Mod Conversion Package and Guidelines (https://taleoftwowastelands.com/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=6525) by RoyBatty (https://taleoftwowastelands.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3525). Modified the esp using FNVEdit and the script. Could not get GECK to work, so used the FNVEdit modified esp---it worked!

    PS. I used the mod with companion fix and GroxXx777 posted sound fix.
  6. ThD17gj692
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    Advanced J3XMotorcycle is the major reason I wanted to play FNV again. VeliV and invalidfate showed genius in creating the illusion of riding a motorcycle around the Mojave. Thanks for giving me so much enjoyment.

    GroxXx777 posted a sound fix which eliminated the repeated clanging and stopping: https://mega.nz/#!65gUUKxY!IJ-HWdT4HkYP1PWDLU_J9-Uenmnu9LJf0Lk_0HSn9GI. Thanks so very much.

    RickThedope recommended "Road Restoration Project_RRP" (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/49194?tab=files} which really does help smooth out the ride.

    Advanced J3XMotorcycle with the two additions listed above has never performed so well.

    PS. Tried using "The Skeleton 1.1.2 with "havok bounce". Does not work well with this mod and made riding double impossible. With a companion at your back the bike would travel vertically and the only recourse was to stop the bike and fall to your death. Just so you know.
  7. Veriwelsh13
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    I'm trying to ride it, but it keeps getting stuck and slows down. I can't reach top speed with it, and it makes riding it annoying and not worth it. I don't have TGM and I'm using the experimental movement, which lets me move, albeit barely. What am I doing wrong?
    1. Flamey
      • member
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      I just finished Lonesome Road DLC and came back to the Mojave, sat on my bike, aaaand... same issue.
      I'm "colliding" with air like, every 2 bike lengths and stop with that horrid loud noise.
      Now, I *did* add 2 mods [Loot Menu and JIP Selective Fire modes for weapons] but even when disabling these, it still happens. Loading old savegames when I used to be on the road with the bike, still happens there, too.

      If I hit "=" (QWERTZ keyboard: ´, left of backspace) to use the "experimental" movement style, I can move around - but using that, I drive through rocks and other things. Not a solution! I used the bike because I don't use fast travel... and I don't know what's going on, apparently it just broke, for whatever reason...

      This happens even after game restart. No console cheats enabled. It used to work for like 200h of playtime before, no issues. Happens both with items in bike storage and with it being empty. I have no idea when it broke, because I've been playing the DLC without using the bike, obviously.
      Ya ever solved it...?

      OMFG I solved it. Turns out that, if my FPS go higher than 60 (and they're usually at like, 150ish), this starts happening. I usually play with my screen recording software on, and had a frame limiter set in there - preventing FONV to go beyond 30 I think it was, FPS. And forgot all about why I had that setting, even. Today, I didn't start the recorder before playing, and I usually always do, just in case I want to screenshot or record anything I come across. Fallout being Fallout, weird s*** tends to happen and I like to show that to friends sometime.

      So, either change the settings of the game itself - look for VSYNC in particular - or get an external program that allows you to set a framerate limiter. I think nvidia themselves have a control panel for that, even. So my load order was fine, the mods I added are fine, it's the unlocked 150ish FPS I had that caused the problem. Huh!
  8. Mrjose5
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    The motorcycle caller don appear in my inventory
  9. justin7601
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    Dude this mod is ridiculous, SO buggy, such terrible sound effects... so AWESOME! I really got a kick out of this, the jankyness and buggy crap makes it all the sweeter. My companion is stuck in the riding animation on an invisible bike, following me around floating in the air with her arms draped like shes holding handlebars, its absolutely hilarious. Really cool features like the storage, and it really helps with traversal considering how darn slow you "run" not to mention there not being a sprint. Great work!
  10. edwardnoblewolf
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    I think creator got banned, we are on our own.... :\
    So if anyone has found a way to increase the bike's carry weight, plz let us know :)