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VeliV for FO3 mod and improved by invalidfate

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Improved FO3 J3xified Drivable Motorcycle. Ride with your companions.

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  • Russian
Actual Game Effect, only PS for the bluring

Demostration video by PaladinV0ci, really sweet. He also made a tutorial video available in the video tab.

User-made tutorial video by jimjoe for version 0.5. He also made lots of motorcycle game-play videos available in the video tab.

If you like my mod, checking my mod collection page for more incoming mods.

(sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker, and so does the terrible item naming. any suggestion is helpful)

New Features compared to original J3XDrivableMotorcycle

  1. tilt animation while turning
  2. more realistic driving experience (rotatign wheels and engine smoke)
  3. companion riding and double riding
  4. turret with elevation-angle tracking (original one in FO3 only with horizontally tracking)
  5. new realistic turning model, using the equation F=m.V^2/R (the faster you drive the harder you turn)
  6. Motorcycle caller, teleporting your bike anywhere anytime
  7. Motorcycle storage
  8. fixing 1st-person animation bug
  9. optimized controllability
  10. configurable driving speed, speed blur, and run-over function.
  11. a funny horn...making pedestrians fear (why?)

Mini FAQ

(1) Why I cannot move (or move utterly slow..) after mounting the bike?
  • if you hear noise constantly, the most probable reason is YOU ARE USING 'THE GOD MODE' (TGM). TGM will prevent the script from retriving player position information, so the script may mistakenly think you hit something. SOLVE: disable TGM 'OR' press '=' to use the experimental movement scheme.
  • for some gamepad which simulating key pressing, the running and walking is determined from how much you puch the stick. However, proper riding this bike require you CONSTANTLY IN RUNNING STATE, so such input device may make you move utterly slow... SOLVE: press '=' to use the experimental movement scheme.

(2) Why I crash to desktop (or game is freezed) so often while driving?
  • If your machine is not fast enough (so does mem not large enough), this mod will INCREASE crash possibility since you move fast with this motorcycle, and if game engine loads landscape data not fast enough, crash.. (really marvelous game-engine reaction to this event)

(3) Why I cannot move even without the motorcycle?
  • If you leave the game with the motorcycle mounted, the control key mapping may be overrided by this mod, and you need to reset your key control setting via the game menu.

(4) Why my backpack is unquipeed after riding the bike?
  • Because the bike is actually a big armor biped to backpack slot, an equipped backpack will be replaced by the bike everytime you ride the bike. Unfortunately, making the bike occupiy the backpack slot is the only way to place the bike right with working wheel animations.....

(5) Something that are likely bugs but they are hard to solved without hacking into the game engine
  • Ride pose resets sometimes(this also happen in original FO3 work) since this mod just compete against the game engine for the animation control..This is also the reason why you need to enter TFC mode when making poses
  • The initialization of ride companions take a few seconds when you loading a savegame, and it works properly after the quest initialization message shows up
  • Mounted weapon clipping (this also happen in original FO3 work, allevilating in this work by roughly predicting future location of the weapons)
  • In my case, Minigun decreases FPS alot but other three mounted weapons do not..I don't know why, maybe FO3 nif file is the cause...



Suggestion: unzip the file and use FOMM to directly install the fomod package.
Or: extracting all the content to data folder...

Mini Tutorial, HOW to obatin your first motorcycle and ride with your companions for a pleasurable journey
  1. Just wait a few seconds for the motorcycle quest initialization, then the "Motorcycle caller" will add to your inventory automatically. Using it to get your first motorcycle, and it can teleport the bike to you later. Also, all the upgrade kits and tokens are already in the motorcycle storage, just enjoying it.
  2. NOTE: if you experience a crash while driving fast, it means your machine are not fast enought to load the landscape data in time, and all you need is to decrease the max speed via the motorcycle menu.
  3. Give "Ride Companion Token" to your partners who you want to ride with
  4. Give "Double-Carry Token" to one of your partners who you want to double ride with (WARNING, this causes collision issue, and it works best with experimental movement scheme ('=' key).
  5. 4 types of weapon can be attached on the bike (the option only shows up when two of VANILLA miniguns, gating lasers, flamers, or missile lanuchers are already in your inventory), and you need to grab them by yourself since they are NOT specified to the motorcycle.
  6. WARNING: Since they are additional attachements, the resource used is TRIPLED (you and two attached weapons). Reminder the FalloutNV constantly crashes after certain amount of resources are loaded (the used mem size on my machine is always growing..); using these attachements is on YOUR OWN RISK of rapid crash. (also the attached weapons cannot move synchronizely with the bike)
  7. Drive carefully; if you hit someone (not a teammate), they then get hurt and turn hostile against you. The hit event is detected by the game engine, but sometimes it is weird especially in high speed driving, so keep citizen away if you want your good reputation. (luckly, you can change this run-over behavior via the motorcycle menu.

How to use the motorcycle

1. You need to be holstered and in run state to ride the motorcycle
2. press e to mount/dismount the motorcycle
- Drive with WASD or whatever you have chosen as up/down/left/right.
- Use Jump (Space) for turbo boost if you install the LEAKING GAS TANK.
- Use Use-key (E) to get out.
- B for horn if any
- Z for toggle light if any.
- H for toggle free camera / steer with mouse.
- = for experimetal movement scheme (this make you movable in TFC, typing tfik for best performance with this scheme)
- arrow keys for moving the camera in TFC mode.

- Fire weapons with left mouse button if any.
- Turn weapons with right mouse button if any.

For more detail information you can refer the original FO3 mod page (or see the motorcycle note in game)


- VeliV for his awesome J3Xified Drivable Motorcycle (open license)
- AndyW for the script and nif resource in HoverChair mod (open license)
- PaladinV0ci for his excellent demostration video and the misfortune of Easy Pete.
- alexkidd62 for the new motorcycle sound. (I had sent a mail to him for the sound but it looks like he didn't log in for two years... if the author think it's not proper to use it here, I will remove it ASAP.)
- AP127 for the extensive testing of V0.2, making this mod mature.

Credits for FO3 J3Xified Driable Motorcycle
- Credits to VeliV for creating his "Drivable motorcycle BETA" mod. He's the mastermind behind this mod.
- Credits to Backsteppo for creating a much better driving animation. (although I've recreated all the animations)
- Credits to Odin_ml for his awesome minigun!
- Credits to Drag0ntamer for his awesome motorcycle textures!
- Credits to Rolandb for his motorcycle pipboy icon.
- Skykappa for a lots of scripting tips and solutions!
- Everyone that have send me(J3X) sounds!

FNV Advanced J3XMotorcycle RELEASE LOG

2011/04/11 - V0.6.
  1. Animated motorcycle wheels (currently rotating always, and dynamic rotating speed will be done in the future version)
  2. smoke effect, making more realistic driving experience
  3. fix keymapping revert algorithm by not to using the key F2 but F4
  4. allieviate the ride-pose reset issue, but unfortunately, this trick only works for companions....

2011/03/15 - V0.5.
  1. make the motorcycle run-over an option, and you can change its behavior from the adjustment menu.
  2. automatically holster while starting to ride. An always-run state check and warning also. (I cannot make 100% workable auto-run script so far...sigh..)
  3. add a motorcycle horn, people flee if they hear it (but not run away... it's system behavior, and I cannot help)
  4. make all key codes global variables, if you want your own key mapping, changing it easily.
  5. more clever key mapping revert algorithm, no longer trying to revert key mapping from custmized user setting (unless you bind running key to F2..)
  6. Fix speed-o-meter spam message. Now it popups once every 2 seconds.
  7. new motorcycle sound from 'J3X Driveable Motorcycle Remake', I had sent a mail to that author but it looks like he didn't log in for two years... if the author think it's not proper to use it here, I will remove it ASAP.

2011/03/06 - V0.42. Nothing new but removing all content (easy pete old man and the crate) from GoodSprings for some peopel have the crash. Also fix a tiny bug of calculating the z-axis of companion's mounted weapons.
2011/03/04 - V0.41. Nothing new but a NVSE detector on the motorcycle caller to warn you if NVSE is running correctly.
2011/03/02 - V0.4.
  1. make maximal speed and speed blur configurable via motorcycle menu.
  2. fix leaking motorcycle gas tank upgrade
  3. fix too fast angular speed in low speed
  4. move the victim "Easy Pete Is Easy" into the Prospector Saloon of GoodSprings. hope this avoids the crash for 10% of people.
  5. put motorcycle caller into a crate near the jukebox in the saloon.

2011/03/01 - V0.3. some misspelling correction, mature enough, branch out from mod collection page.
2011/02/27 - V0.2. bug fixed, optimize the controllability, and add the bike to Mojave world
2011/02/24 - initial version V0.1 in my unmature mod collection page.
2011/02/20 - project reactivaing, giving up the attempt of making collision detection in experimental movement scheme.
2011/01/15 - project suspended since customized collision detection is hard to be bug free
2010/12/27 - project started