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Gives the MEU(SOC) M1911 its own unique mod.

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Update 03/06/2011:
-Added a custom un-suppressed sound courtesy of Nosehair26.
-Put the pistol on the 9mm Handgun animations!
-Added an optional file that adds the handguns to the Holdout lists. WARNING, this may be incompatible with other mods!

-ATTENTION for anyone using the Caliber addon, it is not compatible with Ver3 because of the animation and sound change. I will let you know when this has been remedied.

-Thanks to Brigand231, the mod is once more compatible with Caliber. The addon can be found under Optional Files.

Update 03/03/2011: With the excellent work of Brigand231, the weapon is now Caliber compatible!

UPDATE: Added the promised suppressor, added extended magazines (+2 rounds!), and added more locations!

This adds the MEU(SOC) M1911 to New Vegas. There are 4 versions of the gun; Tactical, The Hardballer, The Professional, and The Untouchable. All versions are the same stats wise, the only difference is in how the guns look. Currently, there are no weapon mods for this gun. I plan to (hopefully) add a silencer mod soon.

I pulled this gun from the Fallout 3 mod Arsenal RC6, added iron sights, and added all 4 high resolution skins that Wangchung made for it. The textures in the Arsenal mod were blurry and you lost a lot of the detail that made this a really great release.

They can be currently be found in the NCR Veteran Ranger Safehouse. I plan to (hopefully) add a silencer to these. At that time or (possibly before that) I will move them to another area.

For any questions about getting them as a Legion player please refer to the Readme included with the file. It gives the codes to add the pistols via console!

Model: Duztey
UV-Maps: Flamshmizer
Textures: Wangchung
Sound: Nosehair26
NV Port: Mr.Crow
Caliber Addon: Brigand231

Model: Will
Textures: Flamshmizer (Not sure of this if someone knows for sure please tell me!)

I can't give permission to edit something that isn't mine to begin with. This is solely the work of the above authors. If they should have a problem with this mod in any way they need only make me aware of it and I will immediately remove this mod.