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Conversion of the female outfits in Dead Money to Type 3

Permissions and credits
Type 3 versions of the security armor, assassin suit, Father Elijah's robes, and Vera's Outfit.

Required: Type 3 compatible female body, Dead Money DLC

This is replacer, so no special esp file or activation is needed. To install, uncompress and drop the Data folder in to your default Fall New Vegas directory. To uninstall, delete the \data\meshes\nvdlc01 folder.

Optional file: Adds a Type 3 female mesh for Dean's Tuxedo. Install as above, then activate the esp file DeadMoneyFemaleTuxedo.esp to activate.
Optional file: Special version of Vera's dress, reversed so the right leg is bare. Requested for users of holster mods. Install main file first, then install this one over it, accepting overwrite.

Dimon99 for the Type 3 body
Backsteppo for the narrowed shoulder mesh
Bethesda and Onsidian for the game.

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