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Return to Sierra Madre to scavenge after completing it.

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Note: I'm no longer working on improving this mod, as I'm focusing my energy into my upcoming Boulder Dome mod.

2nd UPDATE: Temporarily fixed ghost people not dieing, by automatically giving the Ghost Hunter perk, if you haven't got it already. You get this perk only upon RE-entering Sierra Madre.

UPDATE: I fixed it so you can bring your followers along with you in version 2.

DESCRIPTION: This mod adds a door behind the radio in the brotherhood of steel bunker, leading you back to Sierra Madre.

It leads you back to the gate you exited from, and you use the same gate to leave again.

Maybe you missed some items, or maybe you didn't find all three weapon mods for the holorifle? Or the HD springs for your bear-trap claw? This mod lets you go back and scavenge.

Requires Dead Money DLC.

FUTURE PLANS: I'm currently working a script to include the followers from Dead Money, so you can bring them back to the Mojave (if you didn't kill them.) I'm working on Christine first. You'll be able to collect her at her location in the Suites of the Sierra Madre Casino, and recruit her as a normal follower.

I'm also gonna keep working on this in my free time, maybe add some new missions, etc. One mission idea would be to regain access to the Casino's vault area and finish off Elijah (if you left him alive) and steal some more gold (if you left any.) Also thinking of adding some surrounding desert areas, where travelers tried to make it to Sierra Madre.

I'm very open to any ideas you might have for where I could take this.

BUGS: One person said the mod caused an error during the Dead Money Quests, where the companions weren't following properly. If you get any bugs like this, try disabling my mod in your FOMM load order list, until you've completed Dead Money the first time.