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contains a loadscreen mish-mash of Fallout concept art anime and beautiful scenic views from post-apocalyptica

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Name: Scenic & Anime Loading Screens
Version: 1.1
Date: 2/21/11
Category: User Interface
Author(s): Millinescence

1.1 - fixed a bug involving two loadscreens, all vanilla screens replaced now. Included dark Bethsoft and Obsidian screens.

contains a loadscreen mish-mash of Fallout concept art, anime, and beautiful scenic views from post-apocalyptica. =3

This mod started out as a personal mod for me when I learned how to use Paint.net to convert image files into the .dds format. Since then I have used this knowledge to tinker with the load screens and other widgets. And it eventually evolved into what you see now. This mod also includes my custom Fae Star variant of Evilkoal's Baphomet Roulette wheel. Enjoy and have fun! ^_^v

I did not draw any of the loadscreen images and I own nothing. The only thing in this mod that I made myself was the spinning Fae Star. I'm a pretty good anime artist don't get me wrong, but I'm not nearly as good as the people who drew the images I used for the loadscreens. ^^; See 'Credits' towards the bottom for image sources.
I'm writing the above because I got a couple PM's from people complementing "my artwork". ^^;;;

List of Changes: ^_^v
-The main menu background
-Loading screens
-Main title music
-The load screen's roulette wheel

Install Instructions:
Extract the .rar file into your New Vegas install folder.
Optional: backup your data/music/special folder.

Uninstall Instructions:
O.o;; Now why would you want to do that? ...oh alright if you insist, here's how you uninstall it v.v

Removethese folders:
And then replace maintitle.mp3 with original

or, if there's just a loadscreen or two you don't like for some odd reason, just delete it from the
'loading' folder and it will revert to vanilla.

[email protected]

Image Sources: Gelbooru.com, Google
"Fallout concept art", includes one
screencap from Life After People

Evilkoal - who's Baphomet Roulette
wheel was used as a base for my
heptagram variant

Readme created with daJbot's ReadMe

Legal and Licensing:
You can use this mod however you like, just
give credit where credit is due ^_~

Tools used:

Paint.net - freeware image editor with
photoshop-like features www.paint.net