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Tired of the same ol' futuristic fonts? Want something classier for your Fallout experience? A PipBoy font that doesn't look generic? If so, this might be up your alley!

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What's this?
If you've been playing the game for a while... perhaps it's time to try something new! A small, yet drastic change, that sends shock-waves through your gameplay experience! What is this change? Why, it's changing the font, silly!
Included in this package are two different fonts in a variety of sizes. They are designed to work best in the DarNified UI - which you should probably have if you're not playing this game on a console or small screen. If you are, you probably don't need this! Thanks for the interest! Unfortunately, you can't really have it, either. Sorry!

How do I install the fonts?
Before we begin, make sure you have DarNified UI installed. >> Looking for DarNified UI? You can find it here. <<

Do you know where your INI is? Traditionally, font settings are located in Fallout.ini. However, if you're using Mod Organizer, you'll want to set font settings in the INI settings associated with the mod file, which it will then virtually apply to your Fallout.ini. Also, note the difference between FalloutPrefs.ini and Fallout.ini.
A good tool for organizing your INIs is BethINI. But you'll still need to manually edit them to use this mod. Read on!

Firstly, there is Headline! It's kinda like the sort of font you'd see in the game world - the old-fashioned, round-yet-narrow sorta font. It's slightly smaller than the default DarNified dialogue font, but it's still pretty readable.
To use it, change the following settings in your INI file;


...to match the appropriate lines below;


Secondly, there is Blue Highway! I like it better than the font originally used in the game and the one in the DarNified UI! It's roundish, and yet seems to fit so well. It's also quite readable!
To use it, change the following settings in your INI file to match the appropriate lines below;


...to match the appropriate lines below;


There, you should be done! Have fun!

Anything else to add?
I made this mod a while ago, so new variants might be a bit impossible to make. Sorry!