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Overhauls the Strip to be more like its beta version. Including real walls, boulevard trees and a south gate similar to concept art. Also modifies Freeside and the Strip exterior to accommodate for the new walls.

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Latest News (as of 10th May 2013):

1) Big news. After a long hiatus, I am finally back and will begin working again on this mod and my team's other mod, NVR very soon.
Sorry for the delay to everyone who was waiting, but know that things are now back in motion and you will see some progress in the coming weeks and months, along with playable public beta versions.

Stay tuned and check back to keep up to date on the latest news and info!

2) Now recruiting any experienced modellers (Blender, 3DS Max etc.) to be part of a team involved in the development in certain areas of this mod. Please contact me via PM or leave a comment here if interested.

3) This mod is not dead! (For those wondering). In fact, this mod will be growing and branching out to not just The Strip, but various other major locations in game as well, and will all be part of one mod family yet to be announced. One thing that is currently impeding my progress is my lack of knowledge or skill to be able to successfully create a working dynamic lights model (animated lighting) for the Lucky 38 and consequently other meshes. If ANYONE has any experience in this area or wants to help, please give me a shout, either by PM or leaving a comment here.

Bugs, FAQ, Load Order, and Update Plans sections will be added to this mod page soon!

"Welcome to a city that'll bring you to your knees, it'll make you beg for more until you can't even breathe!" - Been to Hell by Hollywood Undead

Mod Topic: http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/topic/283991-wip-the-strip-expanded/

Feedback is appreciated, and feel free to ask any and all questions you may have, and I will aim to answer them ASAP, usually the same, or next day.

After being utterly disappointed with The Strip as depicted in the game, I have taken it upon myself to work on improving and expanding it. Many new features and improvements have been implemented to make the Strip more interesting, attractive, but most importantly, more playable!

v2.00 - WIP
- This version is not confirmed yet, but will try to rebuild the New Vegas Strip similar to the real life Las Vegas Strip. This includes real-world casinos and layout. Probably not lore friendly, then again I don't consider the current New Vegas Strip as lore friendly.
- Will probably also include a Freeside overhaul, with a goal similar to above, of which is to re-create the area in the image of the real-life 50's Fremont Street.

v1.10 - WIP
- This version will be the full restoration of the BETA Strip as we know it, along with some expansion and improvements.
- Removed the Strip Open mod requirement. However, the NPC patch is optional but highly recommended to restore previously missing NPCs due to there being no load script for them.
- New Freeside gate to Strip and more geographically correct location for the gate.
- Adds a few new roads and 'back streets'.
- Adds backsides to the major casinos and expands the Strip area to accommodate for the new space.

v1.01 - Current Version
- Optional File Added: NVSO - ELECTRO-CITY Patch. Removes the objects blocking the South gate that were added by ELECTRO-CITY v10c. The gate should be accessible again.
- File size reduced from 13MB to 4MB, deleted 9844 'identical to master' records.
- Removed duplicated door record.

v1.00 - Outdated
- First release version. General idea of things to come, and vague re-imagining of the Beta Strip.

Overhauls the Strip to be more like its beta version. Including real walls, boulevard trees and a south gate similar to concept art. Also modifies Freeside and the Strip exterior to accommodate for the new walls.

List of Features:

* Completely re-walled and properly fortified the Strip. This includes Freeside (however Freeside itself remains fortified with the junk walls), the Strip exterior and inside the Strip.

* Added a fully functioning south gate and guard tower, similar to concept art.

* Lined the boulevard with palm trees.

* Filled the open space next to The Tops with an abandoned, boarded-up small hotel-like building, similar to the NCR Embassy.

* Removed the illogical destroyed catwalk by the Ultra-Luxe.

* Added visible New Vegas sign from inside the Strip.

* Minor fixes around Strip.

* Best of all, everything is fully NavMeshed!

The Strip Open

--- This mod will not work without The Strip Open mod! ---
The Strip Open mod is required for this mod to work, so that the Strip is undivided.

This mod works best with:

* NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas
* POCO BUENO Texture Pack
* OJO BUENO High Quality Texture Workshop
* PWV - Project Wasteland Vision
* F3NV Project Reality MkI
* Nevada Skies - Weather Effects BETA and URWLified
* FNV Enhanced Shaders
* ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland
* CLO Custom Lighting Overlay

This mod is compatible with:

* Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition
* ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland
* Populated Casinos
* Populated Wasteland
* The SKINNYwear Shop NewVegas
* IWS-Increased Wasteland Spawns
* Cold Deck Gift Shop_Strip Edition
* Modern Penthouse - Luxury Gomorrah Suite

Please let me know of any other mods that are compatible with this, but as long as the other mod doesn't directly modify the Strip, it should be compatible.

This mod is NOT compatible with:

* -Sierra Madre On The Strip - SMOTS
* New Vegas Restoration
* The Strip South Gate
* Mr Fairfaxs Old Strip and Freeside Strip Overhaul
* Fallout: Vegas Redone (Link pending)
* New New Vegas
* House on The Strip - Player Home

Any other mod that directly modifies the Strip. In most cases though, the other mod should be compatible.

Copy the "NewVegasStripOverhaul.esp" into your "fallout new vegas/data" directory, and then enable it via FOMM or the Launcher.

Reverse steps of installation. Disable the mod via FOMM or the Launcher, and delete the "NewVegasStripOverhaul.esp" from your "fallout new vegas/data" folder.

Myself, GTA44

You may not upload this to other Fallout modding sites.

You may not edit and/or re-upload this mod under any circumstances.

You may not use this in your own mod.