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Texture Replacers for Fallout New Vegas Updated Frequently

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THE FABULOUS TEXTURE SHACK is open for business

POSTED March 6,2011
UPDATE Coming soon. Been working on other projects lately. I'll get some new textures up here as soon as I can. clintmich


Here you will find a variety of HI-RES texture replacers for Fallout New Vegas. I've included numerous miscellaneous items, and replacers for Weapons(workin on the tweaked versions, comming soon) and HI-RES Health/Chems are also found here. All textures are available for download individually. This way, you only have to download the textures you want. Or you can download the Retex Compilation.zip(All files included)

Hey! These textures look familiar

Yes, you may have seen some of these textures before(or close versions of them). NO, I am not stealing another modders work. These textures are my creations. They are a compilation of a couple mod replacer packs I previously released to the community.


There is a Retex Compilation.zip file available. All files are included, and are all individually in their own .zip files. This way you can sort through the ones you want at your leisure. (I had to zip them all to get them to fit into one download.)
This file will also be updated when new files are added to the list. I'll get a new main file uploaded, and the old main file will removed and placed in Old Files.(Only download the compilation located in the Main Files category)

Please be patient with the download time for this one(the file is over 220mb, download times may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection)


1.Simply place the texture file included in your download inside the Data directory

2. Archive Invalidate the files if required.(Archive Invalidation instructions are included in the readme document if the texture requires it)

3. Install Complete


I will be updating The Fabulous Texture Shack frequently, so make sure you check back for new texture replacer updates.

If you find any technical problems or issues with the textures, please feel free to pm me.

Enjoy the new visuals!
And Feel free to Endorse if you like the new textures


Gamers (meaning you)