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======Mojave Police=====

== Important, Required: ==

Sugarape's Police Uniform Mod located here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3044

Update - Coming soon, the Mojave Police Force will Fortify each Exterior Point of Entry of New Vegas to Protect the interests of Mr.House or Yes Man, who ever you May decide.

For instance, the Freeside Entrances are largely ungarded and any well armed individual can gain entry without being checked out. This will hopefully change.

Update - Requires Dead Money

This is a Mojave Police Update

This file now contains Unique Police Riot Gear for the more Elite Cop. These guys are patrolling Freeside (Mormon Fort Area) and Will kill any and all Freeside Thugs.

I have also added the DEad Money Police Sign outside the Police Station and also given all police Officers the Dead Money Police Pistol since it is called Police Pistol.

I just did this out of a whim. I will in the next update add these guys across Vegas and the Mojave in the smaller settelments as a Police Force aswell as a Sheriff Deputy squad.

I also plan to send these guys to retake the Mojave Patrol station as it is a Strategic Importance to the NCR.

Next I plan to make the "Assassin Armor" into some sort of SWAT team gear.

Look for more updates.

AND please could somebody create a helmet that has a transparent Visor please?




This little mod aims to rebuild the once Proud Las Vegas Police Department, funded by the NCR but answers to Mr.House to keep things quiet.

A Securitron can only keep the peace for so long. In most cases, this requires a human touch.

These Police Officers are friendly with the NCR but, like I said, answer to Mr.House or who ever you put incharge/Yes man or who ever.

Currently only located in Freeside (Kings, Silver Rush, Wrangler District as that is the Main part of Town Before Vegas itself.) They set up shop in a old Police Station and rebuilt the Interior and already have a few Kings and Thugs incarserated.

They are armed with .257 Revolvers and Police batons, the Poilce Uniform is just as tough as leather Armor if I remember correctly. This is what the 50's Police used right?

This may be not exactly Lore friendly but I wanted to make use of sugarape's Police Uniform Mod located here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3044

I have not included the meshes or Textures in this mod, only an esp that makes use of them. You will have to get those files from the original page, I say again it is here:

If I am breaking a rule here, I will remove this file.

====What this Mod does====

Adds several Police Officers patroling Freeside (Kings, Silver Rush and Wranger District) the other area is too dangerous currently, more heaverly armed Police Units will be required.

Planned is in the Outer freeside Area (Where the Followers Mormon Camp is) I will add the same Police officers but armed with Body Armor and Shotguns and .44 magnums as that to me is the more dangerous part.(Thug ambush?)

The Freeside Police station is located next to the Main Strip Gate on the Left, That will conflict with any mod that edits that area as I have placed 5 ort so Police cars there to add to the effect.

The interior is a copy of the Highway Patrol Station Near the Mojave Outpost but edited inside with verious posters, seats and radios aswell as Twinkies and Donuts, a policeman's favorite.

In the Cell, there are Thugs and naughty Kings aswell as a proper "Jail House Rocker" See the images.

I hope you like this little fun mod.

Its practical too.


Police Uniform by Sugarape
Meshes and Textures not included in file you need to go to the original File Page itself to get them found here:

Thank you and report any bugs.