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  1. MOJskyrim
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    PSA: This works perfectly with Fallout 3 as the texture and meshes names are the same and they stay on the same folder location on the BSAs.
  2. coldpyotr7
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    Finally! after waiting so long, finally! someone made this mod, thank youu *endorsed*
  3. LordLucho
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    I need this for... reasons... *Closet opens with an slave cosplaying a sexy casher*
  4. kraag
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    This works in Fallout 3 as well! Awesome! Thank You! ~Endorsed.
  5. Rudyard
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    i don't think it would still have all of its buttons after 200+ years of post-apocalyptia but it shows u have great patience and skill so props
    1. User_12692422
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  6. turelpld
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    great job!

    I went to your fallout3nexus profile and d/l'd the tweaked meshes you made as well. You should combine them into a single tweaked meshes file.
  7. lordinquisitor
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    texture Paths taken from vanilla file so should work.

    Mild typo in description of mod fixed in case people were renaming texturesclutterCashRegister.dds to texturesclutterCashRegister01.dds
    The 01 was the type in read-me and description only all files paths and folder paths correct.

    Again has to be stated Make sure you are using Archive invalidation of some sort. The textures have vanilla names and the engine dont like it when you dont change your texture names for your new file.

    you could try renaming the texturesclutterCashRegister.dds to texturesclutterCashRegister01.dds in the texture folder and renaming it in nifskope,(Both instances).
    If this works archive Invalidation most likely the problem.
  8. tapioks
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    Hey buddy,

    I still plan to modify the cash register for you... just doing a bit more learning first

    I also 'fixed' the ridge alignment issues on the Footlocker in Lovely Lootables V2, if you are interested in modifying that mesh...

  9. webster63
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    the reguster has been modded and im usuing the mod as you packaged it

    the buttons locations are fixed and some of the newly added details are there and the vent grills on the sides are there but the other stuff isnt shown like the changes to the cash drawer or the red tag at top of register and the extra dirty look from your pictures isnt showing up

    i know how to properly install mods into the game but i can remove the old (clutter) folder if yoy wish and make a new one but it changes nothing since the file folders and pathways are correct based on the way your mod has then unless there is a typo in the file name itself

    are you sure the pathways are correct and the cashregister.dds is spelled exactly correct?
  10. lordinquisitor
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    stupid comment eating internet

    You are using the vanilla textures. You should use the one in the mod and use the file path.
    as in creat the folders clutter and paste the dds files inside it.
    Assuming you have done that and its still not working. You will need some form of archive invalidated
    is the file I used to get it to work for me originally when textures gave me trouble. there are other ones as well.

    The problem basically is the cashregister is using a new texture that has the original vanilla name, but the computer is ignoutring the new file in favor of the original texture. Using the AI fixs this.