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Portable Turrets, make an ambush, get support and you can even put them back in your pack.

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Portable Turrets

Version 1.0

Ever wished you could set up an ambush for all those pesky critters out there in the wilds?
Found a plot of land to call your own but need a little defence?
Looking for friends that dont mind who they kill?

Then what you need is Portable Turrets!

Find the safes containing the plans for Portable Turrets and you never have too worry about someone
backing you up.

I've added 2 versions of portable turrets each with 6 different weapon types.

The first version will burn out after 60 seconds and then will blow up with a damaging blast, they will
also blow when they are killed, great for a doorway or choke point.

The other version is an advanced turret which will stay put until it's killed or you use the turret commander
on it and it will pack up and return to your inventory.

60 second turrets

20Ga Slug Gun
5.56mm IL LMG
9mm Raptor
Inferno Cannon
Rotary Missle Launcher
Plasma Pounder

Advanced Turrets

10mm Vector
12Ga MTL Suppressor
.308 SR MMG
50Cal TUB Cannon
Gauss Cannon
Assault Laser

and a Advanced Turret Commander weapon which is used to shut down Advanced Turrets, Short range so get close to
the turret.

Start with the safe that is under the small water tank in goodsprings, it's across the road from the saloon.

all of the locations are in the readme file.

The turret boxes have all had a coat of different camo paint so you can tell which one is which and all
of the turrets have been painted too, so it should be easier to notice if your standing next to one which will
blow up.

Big thanks to Isotope Eyes for his tutorial, it was invaluable in learning how
to make the scripts. Check out his Vegas Tonics Mod on Newvegasnexus.

When you find the research data you will be able to craft the turrets at a work bench, you will need
less parts the higher your sience skill is and will need repair skill to make them.


none known

To Install

Install the files into your data directory in your falloutnewvegas folder.
activate the mod with the data files option or in your mod manager.


Bethesda and all the game designers that had anything too do with fallout
Big thanks to Isotope Eyes for his tutorial, it was invaluable in learning how
to make the scripts. Check out his Vegas Tonics Mod on Newvegasnexus.

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