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Beretta M92 Samurai Edge Pistol ported to F:NV, added weapon mods and updated for F:NV animations. This is the Barry Burton Version (as done by Heroin Zero) and ported over. Added optional .50 Cal and .40 S&W versions.

Permissions and credits
Version 2.6.3

Description -
A port of the Barry Burton Edition Beretta m92 Samurai Edge Pistol by
HeroinZero from Fallout 3 to F:NV adding three weapon mods to the port.
Added new sounds to make weapon sound beefier. Added option to select
.50 cal and .40 Cal S&W versions at install time.

There are two versions available now:
A standard M92SE with three mods
A NVSE version with a 3-round burst fire mode
Laser turns off when weapon is holstered! (For all mod combinations)


An optional .esp will add a .50 cal version and a .40 S&W version.
X-Caliber is required to use the optional .esp. The main .esp is
still installed, the optional .esp will NOT work without it.


M92SE - Billy Burton Model
Damage: Damage is now 10% better than Benny's unique 9mm.
Caliber: 9x19mm
Clip: 15 rounds
Sights: Tritium Green Glow Sights
Mods: Short Range Scope, Silencer, and LAM
Burst Fire Mode: 3-rnd burst (required NVSE)


M92SE .40 S&W Cal
Damage: Damage is now 10% better than M92SE 9mm version.
Caliber: .40 Cal S&W
Clip: 15 rounds
Sights: Tritium Green Glow Sights
Mods: Short Range Scope, Silencer, and LAM
Burst Fire Mode: 3-rnd burst (required NVSE)

M92SE .50 Cal
Damage: Damage is the same as unique Howda pistol.
Caliber: .50 Cal
Clip: 12 rounds
Sights: Tritium Green Glow Sights
Mods: Silencer
Burst Fire Mode: None

All models Can be found in Doc Mitchell's house in the bedroom on top the shelves by the globe.
Mods can be purchased from some vendors (Chet and NCR 188 vendors).

For NSVE version:
Three Round Burst/Semi Auto fire - use the "M" key to switch

.50 Cal version is based on Bethesda's Howda pistol (no NSVE); only a silencer mod at this time
.40 S&W version is slightly beefier than the M92SE; has all mods

Use FOMM to install. select which version to use and
click box to be compatible/not compatible with Caliber X
(mod detects Caliber X) and hit install, thats it!

Deactivate via FOMM

Compatible with:
Caliber X

Whatever inherited permissions from Heroin Zero and Bethesda apply.
Feel free to use anything from this mod which doesn't violate the previous permissions.
Please give credit to me for my efforts if you use anything directly.


Original File: HeroinZero
Beretta m92 Samurai Edge Pistol

- Schmung (M92 Beretta)
- Bullet_Head (9mm Bullet)
- SureShot (Compensator, Silencer)
- FrenchyNeo (Rail System)
- F:NV (9mm Pistol Scope)
- Unknown (LAM)

- Creeping_Jesus (M92 Beretta)
- Stoke (9mm Bullet)
- SureShot (Compensator, Silencer)
- FrenchyNeo (Rail System)
- F:NV (9mm Pistol Scope)
- Unknown (LAM)
- DreadWolf (Hammer and trigger)

RE Skin Edits:
- SureShot

M92 Burst Fire script based on:
Corejob's Select Fire v2.2

I was unable to track down owner of two items.
Both of them show up in several Fallout 3 weapon mods so I am assuming its OK to use them on Fallout 3. If they belong to someone, please let me know so I can credit you.

- TRG type scope cross hair
- LAM appears to be a LAM-1000 model

Version History:
V2.6.3 - Updated file to fix texture path error and fomod script error

v2.6.2 - Added .50 Cal and .40 S&W optional versions using X-Caliber

v2.6.1 - Hotfix for install error

v2.6 - Completely rebuilt mod to resolve any conflicts
- Created own ammunition for weapon
- Went through all Meshes/Textures/Sounds to eliminate problems
- Added better sounds, including new silencer sound

Note: Due to some NVSE/GECK/F:NV engine changes from FO3/and-what-the-heck-is-this-thing-doing! issues, some features were removed (scope adjustable zoom and automatic light amplification).

v2.5 - Added some scope functions, brightened textures
- Second go round with texture error
- Adjusted some parts of model for better fit and animation

v2.4 - Added ability for laser to turn off when holstered,
Fixed (evil and sneaky) esp error.

v2.3 - Corrected pistol+silencer only error from nif file

v2.2 - Hotfix updates V2.2 to Version 2.3 for mesh error

v2.2 - Corrected error in FOMM script and added icons

v2.1 - Added missing crosshair texture and created FOMM install

v2.0 -
Added LAM to all meshes
Added Burst Fire and Scope Zoom scripts
Corrected texture paths
Tweaked stats slightly
Changed silencer mesh and texture
Added icons for mods
Added correct 9x19mm casing mesh to weapon

v1.2 -
Added missing nifs (Cross hair) and textures
Added new sounds and fixed path issues with textures
Corrected spelling of gun name

V1.1 -
Cleaned up ESP and moved weapon to shelves in Doc's bedroom to be easier to find.

V1.0 -
added 1st person meshes
added sighting nodes to meshes
created weapons mod meshes
tweaked mods, stats, and other game entries in GECK
added vanilla 9mm pistol scope
changed scope cross hair to TRG model
added silencer