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A multi-game ReadMe generator designed to make it easy for any mod creator to create a Readme.

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[size=+2]by Pyros Software[/size]

Version :5.3
Date :2015-03-18
Author's Website :http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showuser=2222832

[size=-1]Table of contents[/size]
  • [size=-2]Description[/size]
  • [size=-2]Author's Note[/size]
  • [size=-2]Supported BB Codes[/size]
  • [size=-2]Requirements[/size]
  • [size=-2]What's New?[/size]
  • [size=-2]How to get started?[/size]
  • [size=-2]Installation[/size]
  • [size=-2]Uninstallation[/size]
  • [size=-2]Contact[/size]
  • [size=-2]Credits[/size]
  • [size=-2]Frequently Asked Question[/size]
  • [size=-2]Tools Used[/size]
  • [size=-2]Legal and Licensing[/size]

Welcome to Guidelines 2015. A program designed with one purpose in mind… To reduce the time, effort and complexity involved when designed documentation for a modification.

Documentation is an integral part of a mod as it informs your current users as well as introduce new users to the features or changes made by it. Therefore having a good clear description is a must. This application provides an easy to use interface to allow you, the author, to quickly set up a formal and professional ReadMe, be that on your mod’s page or a RTF file packaged with your mod.

[size=+2]Author's Note[/size]
I am always looking for new ideas and features, or improving current features. But in order for me to know that a feature needs more attention or to find out if there are bugs I need your help. Please report and suggest on the comment page. Thank you for using Guidelines :)

[size=+2]Supported BB Codes[/size]
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Numbered Lists
  • Alphabetical Lists
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Center Text
  • Right Text
  • Colored Text
  • Normal Linking
  • Named Linking
  • Images
  • Youtube videos
  • Draw line
  • Text Size


[size=+2]What's New?[/size]
  • Converted offline ReadMe's to use RTF format allowing more customization in the future. This makes the title header setting change the color of offline ReadMe's as well.
  • Updated the Masterlists to V2
  • Moved the "Mod Settings" area into the navigation bar for consistency and easy access.
  • The number of words in each section is now counted and displayed at the bottom of the screen. It will also display the total words when viewing the ReadMe
  • Aesthetics improvements to title bar.
  • Reduced the default Size of the Readme viewers to support smaller resolutions.
  • Added ScriptExtenders for Fallout NV, Fallout 3, Oblivion and Skyrim all linking to their respected download page.

[size=+2]How to get started?[/size]
Generating a ReadMe with this program is made really simple. In this section you will be introduced to the interface and how to use it.

The first thing you will notice when opening the program for the first time is Tools at the top and a navigation pane on the left. The navigation pane is divided into three sections:

  1. Mod Settings
  2. Headings
  3. Categories

1. Mod Settings
Most of the options that is displayed on the top of your ReadMe will be entered here. You can also choice a color that your headings will be displayed in, if an index should be generated, how headings should be aligned and how you would like each heading to be separated from the other. (Note: For users that used versions before 5.0 this is the options that where displayed on Page One)

2. Headings
This is the section that is most important. This allows you to navigate to, and edit each section of your readme. It also allows you to create custom Headings for max customization for your personal readme. When you select a heading you will see the text change in the center of the screen.... Do not be alarmed everything you already edited is saved just switch back to that heading and it will display it again.

3. Categories
Not sure what headings to add to your readme? No problem. Guidelines provides a set of built in topics that you can choice from. And as an added bonus some sections such as Requirements, Tools Used and Frequently Asked Questions have special tools that will become available when on those headings. Just be careful... removing one of these when you have entered something in its body will clear it.

BB Codes can be enabled and disabled on the fly and none of your content will be changed. Even saving it will work either way. The difference is when you click on "Generate ReadMe". When BB codes are enabled the readme will be generated with all the tags to make it look great on online descriptions pages. Just hit copy to clipboard and paste it in your description edit area. When BB codes are disabled on the other hand Topic headers will be format with the color you selected under Mod Settings and aligned using the same feature. The Topic separation feature will not change anything at this time. Also any BB codes you entered with the tools will be placed in the ReadMe so make sure you don't have any of those in there. (Note: This might be changed in future versions to correctly convert BB codes so they are displayed correctly.)

It is also possible to save your readme, allowing you to take your time when creating it.

New installation:
  • Download 7 Zip if you don't already have it.
  • Download .Net Framework V4.5.1 if you don't already have it.
  • Extract the downloaded Guidelines 2015 setup file from the Nexus.
  • Run Guidelines 2015 Setup.exe
  • Follow the on screen instructions

  • Follow the Uninstallation instructions.
  • Then follow the instructions above.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Add or Remove Programs
  • Scroll down to Guidelines 2015
  • Select it and hit uninstall at the top

  • Using the comment section on any of the Nexus sites hosting this program.
  • Email: [email protected]

Icon Set and Lead Programmer:
Jano Bodenstein

ColorPicker Control:
Xceed Wpf Extended Toolkit

MahApps.Metro UI Toolkit

[size=+2]Frequently Asked Question[/size]
My description looks great when previewing it while editing the description, but the formatting messes up when hitting accept.
Unfortunately this seems to be a bug on the Nexus sites. It is completely out of my control and must be fixed by the Nexus.

Why can I "Download with Manager"
This has been done so you can se if a new version of this program is available. Do not install it with a mod manager as it will then just copy the "Guidelines 2015 Setup.exe" to your Skyrim directory or "..\Mod organizer\Mods\"(Mod Organizer users) folder.

I want a portable version!
The program installes a set of requirements. In order for the program to work correctly (And display icons for .grmx files as well as open them when double clicking them in windows explorer) it needs to run an installer to make sure everything installs correctly.

[size=+2]Tools Used[/size]

[size=+2]Legal and Licensing[/size]
The content of this mod is owned by me, you may not use it under any circumstances. This Program is Freeware and is provided free of charge, no one may sell it to you. As it is freeware feel free to tell anybody to download it. It is strictly hosted on Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim and New Vegas Nexus sites, if you find it on another site please let me know.

Also although it isn't essential to include the auto generated line linking to this utility, I greatly would appreciate it if you would leave it there, I made it small and placed it at the bottom so it doesn't take away from your readme.

[size=-1]ReadMe generated with: Guidelines 2015[/size]