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Alters the Varmint Rifle to use .22LR rounds instead of 5.56mm rounds, as it was intended to during development. Also alters the unique Ratslayer weapon.

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UPDATE: New version to account for the altered stats on the Ratslayer and Varmint Rifle, and to fix one of the dialogue options where Sunny would resupply you on ammunition (it was checking for 5.56mm ammo). I also removed the limb damage penalty entirely, since .22LR is no longer the ''sucks ass'' caliber. I have not added any critical hit multipliers to the weapons however, unlike the altered .22LR weapons. The Varmint Rifle is just the same Varmint Rifle, but with a different caliber ammunition.

Also, this update replaces three placements of 5.56mm ammo with .22LR: one in Goodsprings, and two in the NCR Correctional Facility. All of these are meant to be used with Varmint Rifles, so they should be switched to the appropriate caliber ammunition.
FUN FACT: Did you know that at one point during development the Varmint Rifle was chambered for .22LR rounds?

Yes, it's true. Although the idea was scrapped partway through development, its legacy remains present even in the current game. For example, Dixon (in Freeside) carries a Varmint Rifle, but instead of 5.56mm ammo he carries .22LR rounds.

This mod alters the Varmint Rifle (and its unique variant, Ratslayer) to use .22LR rounds rather than 5.56mm rounds. This works surprisingly well, and slots into the game wonderfully. For example, the wide availability of .22LR rounds in the early game suddenly makes a LOT more sense, and it is surprising how this relatively simple change affects the overall course of the game. The mod also alters the ammo given if you progress through the introductory training mission with Sunny Smiles, so that she gives you .22LR rounds instead of 5.56mm rounds.


I have to say that I was surprised at how much this simple change alters the early game. Having the Varmint Rifle chambered for .22LR does make things slightly difficult once you get to the point where you are going to transition from it to another rifle weapon (Cowboy Repeater or Service Rifle, usually), but for the most part it just plain WORKS, and very well. It's clear this change was made late in development, and undoing the change results in something that feels surprisingly well-balanced.


There is also an additional version of this modification which ONLY alters the Varmint Rifle, leaving the Ratslayer as a 5.56mm weapon. This version can be found in the Files tab, under the ''Optional'' section. DO NOT USE THE WMX PATCH WITH THIS VERSION.