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Separates the helmet from the Chinese Stealth Suit + mesh fixes. Optional Operation Anchorage stealth field and Night Vision helmet .esps.

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Chinese Stealth Armour Helmet Detached v.1.0

Separates the helmet from the Chinese Stealth Armour (you will now find 2 suits + 2 helmets in the crate) AND:

Fixes the unsightly gaps Bethesda left in the meshes around the neck area for both male and female suits and helms.
Adds new Pip-Boy icons.
Adds new world models.

Choice of esp's - NV vanilla, or with Operation Anchorage stats and stealth field restored.


Copy the Data folder to your Fallout NV directory and enable either 'StealthSuitHelm_NV.esp' or 'StealthSuitHelm_F3.esp'(if you prefer the OA version) in the launcher.