Fallout New Vegas
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Retex of Nuka Quartz and Nuka Victory.

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Textures by Hengebobs

This is a very simple esp. Its adds 2 texture sets to the game, and applies them to the nukavictory and nukaquarts. Thats it. No stat changes, no additions, just a retex. Couldn't just make a replacer as the Quarts and Victory both use the base sodabottleclosed texture for the exterior of their meshes. This simply fixes that, and directs them to my retex.

However you want under the Bethesda Softworks EULA. Just give me credit for my work, and Skykapp for the concept, as well as the Normal map which is included.



Skykappa for his great nuka texture resource, which is what inspired mine, and is also the base used for these retextures. His Normal map was used unaltered, all credit for it belongs to him.

Bethesda for FO3, FONV

Nifscope (um... just because i guess...)

Blender (where i tryed to modelled these, but was having issues getting specularity and glo to come through correctly, so i gave up and used a texture set in the GECK)